questionsare wooters really a bunch of whiners like the…


To be honest, the whining part has always been a woot tradition.


@narfcake: Fair enough... Would you please explain a post like this to me:
"I'm not just disappointed in the missing Baggy of Carrots; I'm also disappointed that Woot! felt that it could pull this on all of us and walk away while sneering & counting their money."


too much whining, not enough ragequit.

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Bad Woot-Offs and good whine just kind of go together...and it ‘tis just what we do. But there does seem to be a 'change in the wind" at Woot in general. And this change seems not to recognize the character of the people who spend their idle moments making comments, adding a good deal, voting on a sponsor’s ad (or clicking through to make a purchase). Due to the nature of the website, this community has an expectation that their voice is not only heard, but counts. Skimming through many of the posts over the past month there is a tone that they (we) are beginning to feel a bit disenfranchised. Woot is not simply a deal-a-day website. It is an online "coffee house" with daily visitors who chat and chide and critique not only the deals but whether or not the deals even belong on this site and how smartly or dimly they are presented to an intellectual group that enjoys reading between the lines. I think someone needs to consider/evaluate what results from a change in the menu or the cook.


@cindihoward: Very well said. "Change in the wind" feels like the right expression. It's making me re-think things for myself.


@cindihoward: This is a post I can respect! A detailed, thoughtful, mature reply! Thank you!


way too much complaining. I have seen enough woot offs to know that there are lots of people who only come to woot for the boc, and they don't buy anything else. I actually hate coming to deals during woot offs because I think that when a "will this ever end" item comes up the bored people come to deals and mess around. I also hate that the woot off makes everything slower. I have not tried to get a BOC in awhile, and have ony ever gotten one in about 5 years or so.

I don't sit at the woot site pounding the f5 key all day. I can't, I would be fired from my job.


@cindihoward: wish I could +1 this comment again


This question... kinda whiney.


The woot-offs have changed. It didn't just used to be a rehash of unsold goods, but there were new items in there, and it seems like there are fewer of those. And the specials - well, the shirt.woot blank tee special was available before, during and after the woot-off. It used to be that woot-offs had special pricing (like the 15% off reckoning shirts).

But the whining about BOCs! Oh man, that has gotten worse in the last year. And I don't think it's so much the pre-Amazon wooters that are complaining (then again, they probably already have a ton of monkeys).

Maybe it's this goofy system whereby people feel they have to post something in order to keep their triangle color. I have to admit the triangle colors are hard to maintain if you're not actively posting something on a daily basis.


@cindihoward: Thank you. I enjoy this site and the people who gather here.


@cindihoward: talking to yourself again are you cindi?


The hunt/the chase of the BOC is for me one of the best parts of the Woot-Off; when that happens there is naturally going to be some disappointment. Add in the relatively low quality of the main site deals and people have a right to complain about it.

Complaining is how people express their displeasure in the hopes of correcting the underlying issues. Whining to me is people going "waaaah I didn't get my crap" or "Waaaah I hate woot so much," not saying "We're disappointed."


Some people are complaining about the lack of BOCs, woot lights, and screaming monkeys. Missing all three is a bit of a surprise, but changing things up is how Woot does business. I do thihnkg the OP is missing the big picture, as to why there is more whingeing now than normal.

There were three things that have all happened at the same time to annoy people:
1) Shirt.woot raised prices then switched to an overseas (cheaper) supplier of blanks.
2) The overall quality and price of the goods during the wootoff was considerably below what we had come to expect.
3) The deisred BOC, flying monkeys, and flashing lights didn't appear.

It seems to many that woot may have must been assimilated by Amazon and isn't special any more. If things like JumboWoot's random coupons disappear, then I'll know they have all become part of the Amazon collective.

But I still want to know what happened to the monkeys. Did you give them all away at CES?


People have come to expect certain thing during a woot-off. Screaming Woot Cape Monkeys, BOCs, USB Flashing Woot Lights, something quirky to end it all. This woot-off just didn't deliver.

I've been a huge supporter/defender of Woot. I don't think all that much has changed since the Amazon buy, and come on... woot offs have never been filled with stuff you want to buy every time. However this woot-off was lacking and had extra stuff for people to be dissapointed about... Mix that with your standard Woot whiner (the average wooter, me included) plus the other stuff @wilfbrim mentioned and you get the perfect storm.


I thought it was half of the fun. Am I wrong?


@wilfbrim: "It seems to many that woot may have must been assimilated by Amazon and isn't special any more."

LOL! Should we substitute "Amazon" for "Borg?"