questionshas anyone ever bought gift cards with gift cards…


check the back of your gift card, some cards list their set of rules and regulations for use, if not there will either be a link or a phone number.

I'm not a fan of Wal-Mart and I don't shop there, so I can't help you with their store rules.


Last year I got an e gift card to walmart as part of a promo. It was only good online so I bought an actual giftcard and had it mailed to my house. I would imagine that you could use it to buy giftcards to other places as well. Also, the Kindle giftcards are good to buy just about everything that Amazon sells.


If you can buy a Kindle gift card AT Walmart, then yes, that 'Kindle' card is valid to purchase anything at Amazon. The type of Amazon card you buy is not restricted to any specific items. IOW, if it's from Amazon, it's good to go/buy.


This is why you just give money.


Amazon > Wal-Mart. Mostly.


You just need to try it. I tried something similar with a Lowe's gift card but their system wouldn't let the sale complete.