questionsis there a faq that describes the kind of deals…


@gideonfrost: err, that was the first thing I searched for and reviewed. There is nothing there about what is and isn't allowed unless I somehow overlooked it? I just checked it again and don't see anything regarding my question. I found reference in an old post by catbertthegreat about a deals.woot user created faq that looked promising for awhile until I got to the end of the thread and saw (sic) "the faq has been closed. sorry for the inconvenience"


ebay AUCTIONS, ebay buy-it-now items with less than 10 available and are not from a reputable/established seller or storefront, certain online sellers with bad reputations, counterfeit goods, referral links where you(the psoter) gets some sort of payment or credit for clicks, firearms, ammo, mystery bags/boxes, porn, sex toys, lube, and anything that could easily be confused with a sex toy or porn.

that seems to pretty much cover it.


@kamikazeken: Thanks for the response. I have to believe that my deal was deleted due to an unwarranted tattle and failure of woot staff to verify that it was a different promo code than previously posted. Apparently the information about what is not allowed is in fact just "general knowledge"? I am surprised that woot wouldn't add that information to the deals.woot FAQ. Finally, speaking of online sellers with bad reputations, woot doesn't seem to have any problem accepting money from thatdailydeal to sponsor their sales!


deals.woot seems to have an "I know it when I see it" policy. You get used to it.

Basically anything that gets posted here COULD show up on the little preview window/link on the other woot! sites, like KIDS.woot, so anything you wouldn't want to be caught viewing by your kids is usually not allowed. The exception being lingerie.


@kamikazeken: That makes sense. I noticed that they even removed the wine.woot link from the kids.woot homepage.

EDIT: I resubmitted the deal, will be interested to see if it survives


was your deal posted before or after this one:

it won't survive because it's a dupe!
the other post is more than 24 hours old, it's clearly the same as yours.
Now you're just asking for the the wrath of the woot gods. Totally a bad move by you.


@kamikazeken: well...damn. I searched the deals for and came up with a list of old deals but neither of those were on it. I will expire my deal and curse the woot gods for having an inferior search engine!

Thanks for the h/u.


@chipgreen: you need to sort by "most recent" after you do a search.

alright, this was my one helpful/polite post for 2012, now I get to be an A-hole for the rest of the year. It feels good to get this out of the way early.


@kamikazeken: thanks again, ken - that was very helpful but I'll be sure to stay out of your way for the rest of the year, haha


Well, now I know. I was going to post a deal for a 150 gallon drum of lube I saw on eBay, for laughs. But decided the down votes just are not worth it.


@norimw: Just as well you didn't post it; it was posted a few days ago.