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I'm an android user too but I do have an iPhone 4 that someone gave me so I use that as my backup phone.

The iPhone 4 can use a device called the L5 remote. It works great and I highly recomment it.

The only issues I have is that it doesn't have physical buttons so you always have to look at the screen to control your TV and other devices. If you're fast forwarding and waiting for the commercial to finish, you'll want to hover your finger over the play button while watching the TV. It's very easy to accidentally touch the screen and activate the play button so you tend to keep your finger farther away and then when it's time to press the button, you actually press the wrong button instead.

When you turn off the phone and turn it back on, it occasionally doesn't auto-detect the device so I have to unplug it and plug it back in. It only happens about once a day but it's still annoying.


@cengland0: any idea of an android version of this? this is exactly what i am looking for. i do have an ipod touch....


My galaxy s4 has the ir built in an i use it more than my remotes. i use it to change channels at work and in deli's. It is great.


@drsilentg: No, sorry. I don't know of any Android versions of the L5 remote. I wish I did but I don't. If you find one yourself, please let me know too.


Not with IR but most devices that connect to a network can be controlled with an app on a phone (xbmc, blue ray players, roku, etc)


My S3 uses an app for my LG tvs and doesn't need any check out that route too. (Certain models and restrictions may apply. Results not standard.)


@benyust2 and @xarous: Those apps specifically designed for each product does work but they are not as convenient as an IR universal remote.

Imagine you are watching DirecTV using the app. Sure you can change the channel but how do you change the volume? Quit the program, bring up the TV app and then change the volume. Okay so how do I turn on the receiver and change that to Bluray? My receiver doesn't have an app so I have to get out the remote for it, then load the bluray app and control it from there.

Having one application that combines all your devices is convenient and works with all devices that have IR remotes. Until they come out with a standard network interface for every device, we will still be wanting IR universal remote controllers.


Not for a universal remote, but, the iPhone does have an app for the ROKU, that I use pretty regularly. Works great, no crashes or hiccups. (plus, much easier to locate than the actual remote, most days)


I haven't tried it yet, but this should work. You can probably source the components cheaper. I just did a quick search and picked the first one on the list.

Use an IR dongle like this
with an usb adapter that fits your phone like this
And download an app like Samsung IR cant access the play store at work so I can't add a link.

I'm going to get the parts after work tonight and try this this weekend.



just found something that may work. and its on sale :) what do you think? (please dont post this as a deal, i'm going to post it and see if the community likes it :P )


@drsilentg: Looks similar to the Square credit card reader that I have problems plugging into my phone because I have an Otterbox. I had to buy an extension.

Each device has a unique code that requires you to activate it. They harvest your email addresses during that step. Then, whatever phone you activate it to, that's the only one that will be allowed to use the device. I don't like that.

Looks like some of the older units are not Android compatible so be careful when buying it to make sure you get one of the newest units.

Not very clear on some of the features (at least from the quick viewing that I did). For example, does it require batteries? Can you make a custom remote for each device or is it just one huge remote and you combine all buttons on one remote? Can you even add your own buttons and move them around or do you have to use a standard template?