questionshas anybody else used whispersync for voice?


As a means of getting you to try it out, they are offering the Audible version of A Tale of Two Cities as a freebie after you get the free Kindle version. Pretty good deal.


It makes sense that you have to listen through the Kindle reader instead of iTunes because it keeps track of where you were. I don't see any way for it to recognize the position of your listening of an MP3, for example, so you can continue reading where you left off when using another device.

Thanks for posting this info. I had always thought the Kindle was able to narrate any book but now I understand that it can only do that to specific books that have been spoken by a professional. Hopefully, one day, the text to speech technology will be so good that it will be able to speak them on the fly and still sound professional instead of voice synthesized.


@cengland0: The Kindle can "narrate" any book or document unless the publisher has refused rights to allow it. That is just plain text to speech that has been around for years.

WhisperSync for voice specifically applies to two products that were completely separate: the Audible narrated version of the book and the Kindle eBook. I've been pretty impressed that Amazon can rather accurately match up specific spots in the Kindle eBook and the Audible Audio book.