questionscan you tell me why my deal was rip'd even though…


i don't think it's taboo to post google offers deals. i think i've posted one in the past.

the deal still shows as available for me as well, so hopefully one of the mods will chime in.


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@theoneill555: I found this:

So we know it's fine to post. faughtey is not working tonight, another staffer must have expired it. If they don't answer the question, the only person left to ask is jumbowoot.


@1sparklyunicorn: I thought it was one of faughtey's "I Don't Have to Work Today" days but thought that if she was hanging out here she might be able to answer. I just couldn't kick the brain into gear to remember who to call as most of the mods I know by name mainly work the forums on woot proper.


Well, it's dead now. SOLD OUT three hours ago it seems. Looked like a good deal!


@theoneill555: As I recall, @agingdragqueen has recently stepped up to the bar, vis-a-vis community relations. It's also possible to invoke @loosecannon67 (although he's not as responsive as he once was). There are others, as well.


@shrdlu: sorry, I'm all into community expansion and helping where I can, but being granted powers in deals.woot is a special privilege, not a right 'round here. So, I'll sympathize for all that helps, but I have no info for you all. Usually if there's an issue and no one else is responding, I just get @thefenst to look at and delegate as needed, though he won't be awake at this awful hour like I am.


@shrdlu: Thanks. I forgot about LC67 (which should have been an impossibility with the way he came upon the scene).

The question is a moot point now but I am still curious to find out why it was RIP'd 4-5 hours before it sold out.


I RIP'ed it. When I checked it, it said "no longer available." It is possible that they decided to add additional inventory to the deal. As always, when this happens, please let us know so we can unexpire the deal.