questionswhat happened to the fresh tab?


I was right behind you with the same question....


My last two deals were deleted so I reposted. Then I saw what everyone else is seeing...


All of the popular deals are all messed up too. I was on top and now Assassins creed that was posted 30 mins ago is up there with the next item only having 1 vote.


Yep, everything is pretty screwed up. Several of the deals I've commented on today are nowhere to be found.


Lol, it was an obvious joke. Who could blame the hardest working deal woot staffer


Just checked my deals...everything from the last 3 days I've posted is gone. Seems to be some kind of post-cyber Monday deals.woot meltdown. Who's on duty tonight? @thunderthighs, @faughtey, or @jumbowoot, inquiring minds want to know ;)

Edit: wootbot seems to be planning on refilling all the pages itself.


Update: shawnmiller says they're looking into it.


Fresh Tab is now the Top Current Rank Tab... :-)


Hi! We're on it, but don't have much to share yet, beyond what you all've noticed.


I'm glad it's not just me. I thought I angered the wootgods or something.


It works fine from my end now.


Not for me. Only 2 pages and 4 hours of deals.


@thunderthighs: Aww, we still love you

And besides, Haters gonna hate...


@thunderthighs: I apologize. My obvious joke was in bad taste.


@thunderthighs: I understand you are working on the problem and it "looks" like it's fixed but it really isn't.

I posted two deals yesterday and they both received a bunch of votes. One was the deal for the LOTR 15 disk set and at last count, it was in the high 80's. The other was the Amazon FAOTD and that had over 20 votes. They are both gone. Not RIP'd but completely gone. They do not appear in my history or anywhere that I can find.


@cengland0: yep, same with me. The earliest deal I have posted is still from 3 days ago.


@jumbowoot, @davebug, @thunderthighs any word yet on what happened and were our posted deals are?


@segafanalways: For your future reference, it's @dave bug (with a space). I vote up VERY few deals, any more, and there's one missing that I know I voted up during the recent fooferaw (yes that is a word). I suspect that the things that are missing are just gone. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

Oh, and to whoever is downvoting honest comments, here's some advice.

Go outside, get some fresh air. Do something nice for others. Kick back for a bit. Lighten Up. It's just a web site.


I'd hoped to have clearer or better news, but rather than say nothing, I thought I'd give a bit of an update:

We found and fixed the issue that caused some community deals to get deleted.

We looked into a few possible ways of recovering some of the lost data, but at this point they all carry enough downsides (losing data since then, creating some duplicate data, etc.) that we've decided not to implement them. So, outside of any new discoveries, it's safe to assume what's gone is gone from that ~24 hour period.

In short, that totally sucks. I know it's a crappy experience to have worked to add deals & comments and just have them disappear. Your content is what makes this site & it's very valuable. It's something we take seriously & are working extra hours to try to ensure it won't happen again.


@dave bug: Your update is appreciated! So much better to hear 'bad' news, than no news at all. :-) Also, good to know that you're working on keeping this from happening again.