questionsif a zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow, what…


Well of course that would be my goal too if tomorrow I woke up with zombies all around and had no way out. Id try to off myself first so I could avoid becoming a brain eater.


I like Bill Murray's approach in Zombieland. Look and act like a zombie and continue to live the good life, but that was his downfall wasn't it?


@xskoad: only as a last resort i'd hope


So, what's your zombie plan?

Red vs Blue had some ideas -


Here are just a few of the rules I've come to live by for the zombie apocalypse:

Double tap
Beware of bathrooms
Wear seat-belt
Travel light
Get a kickass partner
Bounty paper towels
Don't be a hero/Be a hero
Limber up
Avoid strip clubs
Know your way out
The buddy system
Check the back seat
Enjoy the little things


I'd die. Then undie. I think that's how it works.


Pitch HBO "Tru Brains"
Premise: Use Zombies and Humans as a metaphor for social class systems.
Tagline: "The 'Gory' in Allegory"


Hit up as many pharmacies as i can on my way to the closest walmart where i would lock as exits and have everything i need...u know cause i bet they would be rolling back prices due to the pending Armageddon!



@jburhoe: The key is to prepare so you don't have to go to heavily populated mega stores. You won't be the only one who has designs on the local Wal-mart, gun shop, church, etc.


@drsilentg: Oh yes. Definitely as a last resort.


I'd find Bill Murray immediately.


I can't tell you what I would do, because If i did, my chances of survival would decrease. All I can say is that the best way to survive a zombie apocalypse is to go into ninja stealth mode. Zombies can't eat what they can't see, hear or smell. I'm going to be laughing inside from a distance at the people that try to shoot their way out of a zombie attack.


@jyelle: The question is slightly different. That question asks what would you do IN a zombie apocalypse.

My question asks what would you do IF one happened tomorrow.


My favorite part is the first 2-3 seconds, Abed yelling, "Zombie attack!"


Well something I always thought would be cool to do in the first few days is walk around and look for teenage girls my age that were zombies and cute. Like the hot chicks. Then decapitate them and play with their body :l idk just thinking out loud here. I know I would try to save my crush Sarah first, though I'd be like secretly crossing my fingers hoping she was a zombie too... I don't think many people thought about that. My logic is if they're recently zombified, then they will likely still have a lot of blood left in their system and living tissue. Who knows, maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn't. Either way I'm getting some ass dammit, even if i have to kill someone to do it >:(