questionswhen you tattle do you/should you add a comment…


no, you aren't notified of tattles. I leave a comment so that my tattle was constructive, unless the OP has been a jerk about following the rules or I'm tattling to have an expired deal RIP'd. If the OP is someone I know takes care of their deals then I'll post a comment that says it was expired.


Usually, I'll only comment if it is a duplicate so that the OP (or dOP) will know why their deal disappeared. Otherwise, nope.


"...Is it more of a jerk move to tattle and then post a comment waving it in their face..."

I thought it was a bit weird when something like this happened to me.

Then I discovered you got rep points for being a tattle. It all made sense that that point.


On those rare occasions when I tattle, usually on an expired deal, I always post why. That way the OP will know why their deal was RIPd or removed. I don't generally wax eloquent as the deal might be removed, but I have been annoyed when I couldn't figure out why deals of mine were removed, and we see frequent threads titled "Why was my deal deleted?" It seems only fair to let people know why.


as our other keen community members pointed out, it's a kinda courteous thing to do and demonstrates that the tattle was meant to be constructive and isn't (SHOULDN'T BE!!) personal. i'd say there are ways to phrase it in such a way that's not, "hey, poo-poo-face, you're a nerd and i tattled on your deal."

this can help reduce the "why was my deal removed" questions, and that means less work for me, so i'm a fan.


@pemberducky: Thanks, that makes a lot of sense, but I have always wondered which was the more respectful/expected way of approaching the issue. I certainly don't want to be a jerk, but to this point I haven't told the OP that I was tattling. Now I will try to find a non-insulting way to notify them why I tattled.


@mcowan3: I think the system still takes 10 mins for the comment to be there before you get a notification by e-mail. Rare occasions the deal will be deleted before the notification goes out. I've been tattling a long time. I usually write some funny narrative that doesn't relate to the deal at all, but still point out the validity of the tattle. Then I comment saying: "Hey friend, I see you are busy trying to stuff live raccoons down your pants, so I will make this quick. I see this question/deal is a duplicate of "that one" found here, [url not porn], so it may be deleted. Fear not friend for stuffed pirates eating pizzas plop on purple pillows."


I do not usually leave comments when I tattle (although on the last one I did) because usually the deals that I am tattling on are really old. Other than the deal I saw today, I typically do not tattle unless the deal is at least 30 days old and the price has changed dramatically ( I wont tattle for a .10 increase) or is no longer available.


I generally leave a comment if I've tattled on a deal or question. Just seems less passive aggressive.


My main tattles are on ebay deals, grab bag/mystery deals, and duplicates. In these cases I leave the following:

Please don't be upset if this deal disappears. There are several rules for posting an ebay deal-
- 10 or more available
- list by an ebay store or power seller
- "buy it now" only
Please don't be upset if this deal disappears. GrabBag/Mystery/Random deals are no longer allowed to be posted here. If you would like to know why, head over to the ATC side and search for BK Industries.
Deja vu -

[link to first posting of deal]


@shophde: I do. I used to have a pet rat, it was great :-)


I usually tattle on spammers, on items that are almost certainly counterfeit or pirated, on duplicates, and on eBay sales that don't meet the criteria for posting. I generally add a comment about duplicates, and on eBay items I generally list the requirements for posting eBay deals on this site. On the relatively infrequent expired deals I tattle I very seldom leave a comment, since they don't get deleted anyway.


@nmchapma: Hey, I used to have pet rats, too, and they were terrific pets!


Sadly while I like pet rats I am seriously allergic to rats.