questionshow do i look up canceled orders?


There's sort of a lack of information in your question, so I'll do my best to try to answer what I think you're trying to ask. Typically, people "look" using their eyes. Though, if you are unfortunate enough to be loosing your sight, or lost it completly, you would "look" with your other 4 senses.

As for looking up a canceled order. I'd imagine that your purchase history is available by clicking on the "My Account" link under your user name. Granted, you will need to be on one of the purchase sites and not Deals.woot to see your purchase history.


Because somebody has to say it...Deals.woot is a deal aggregator so it can't track your order for you. It doesn't sell goods. It's a site to find links to great deals elsewhere on the web. Please email the particular retailer from where you made your purchase.

If you believe you bought your item from, you may check your Woot order history in the "my account" link of the .woot site from where you made your purchase. Please check the following list. If unsure where you made your purchase, check them all:


Don't see your order? Post a link to the deals.woot item in question, or email

Most of us answering aren't staff so we can't view your order history.


If you requested that woot cancel and order, and they did - you will not find it in your order history. I know this 'cause I cancelled a order for a TomTom. The 'order' is now MIA.... nowhere in my order history.


@gmwhit Go to know! I've never canceled an order with Woot, so I didn't know.

That may be what the OP's issue is.

PS: My response may not make sense any more as after I responded, the OP re-worded the question.