questionswhat are some recommendations for a good 42"-47…


Rock the Visio. Long as you keep it in a fairly ventilated area it will do amazing. (I'm wary of the visio "Pop of death" I read a lot about when I got mine but its done amazing and I havent had any problems with it. Visio is also apparently rumored to be making a tablet and a phone all which would be able to interact together at some point.... again this was rumored.


@coolphilip04: I know this has been asked before, but how do you feel about secondipity? Have you had any experience with them?


@misuhsipee: I absolutely adore Secondipity which is why I refer people to them. @Trissecondipity is the rep on here and she is an absolute gem.

I bought a TV from them and she stayed in contact with me, let me know what was going on and helped me out tons. I can't recommend them enough.


@coolphilip04: you're going to make me blush :)

@misuhsipee: shoot me an email ( or AIM (tdreppert) if you want to discuss what's on the site and/or have any questions!


I have had 2 Insignia's (Best Buy brand) and love them both. The 42" was stolen, but the 47" is still going strong after a year.
It's a 47" 1080p LCD. I use it for T.V., Xbox 360, Blu Ray, and as my PC monitor. Everything looks amazing.
Another great thing is Insignia's come with a 2 year factory warranty, and the Best Buy warranty only cost me $99 for 4 years.

My friend also purchased a 32" Insignia and it looks just as good as mine and he loves it too.


My recommendation is to go to, search for tvs. Break down into your criteria. Then sort by ratings.

That's how I bought my last TV. You have a larger range of products than Wal-Mart, Target, etc. More importantly, you end up with educated reviews. At Best Buy and Wal-Mart websites, many reviews are from the technologically illiterate and amount to "it's awesome because it rocks wooo!" Amazon has these type of reviews, but also many reviews from those who are more intelligent, experienced and critical.

Personally, I like Samsung. Partially because I'm shallow, partially because my four products (40" 1080p 3.5 years old, 55" 1080p <1 year old, 19" pc monitor 5 years old, 22" pc monitor 2+ years old) have all worked well for me. Products like Visio and Westinghouse and Insignia tend to be cheaper, but beyond the panel itself they often look like crap. Like I said, I'm shallow and I want a pretty, name brand TV.


Consider an LG 42LE5300. Stay away from crappy store brands like Insignia, etc, and crap brands like Vizio. The picture and build quality on them are just terrible compared to better manufacturers.

You might want to also consider a Panasonic VIERA G25 42" plasma, they can be had for about $800 since they're last year's model.
Or if you want a slightly newer model, the TC-P42ST30 is a newer version of the G25, and it's about $850 right now.
Advantages of plasma include less motion blur and way better color, especially black levels, and picture quality.


@stryker4526: LG's company builds the boards for Insignia. It's not a "crappy" brand.


yea Visio isnt crap either lol. All the Visios I've seen people use in home, for production, and otherwise have shown nothing but great results.


@wickedd365: LG IS the company. They're a conglomerate who is a primary manufacturer for many types of electronics and other products. They are also not the only parts source for Insignia TV's, and Best Buy literally stated their goal for the Insignia brand was to provide cheap crap for people to buy. Okay so the way they phrased it was "to find holes in consumer electronics and fill them with discount products," but it means the same thing.
Just because they source parts from a reputable manufacturer does not mean they are automatically of high quality.

@killswitchdh: You're right, Visio is actually a very good product, if a little overpriced.
VIZIO, on the other hand, is mediocre at best. They source panels with horrible contrast ratios, in particular. The only really stellar part about them is their customer service, which is all US-based. Bottom line is discount brands just do not compare to higher-quality brands. If they did, they would sell at the "higher-quality brand" price.


I can say that you should goto your local Best Buy(or type store) and check the TVs out in person. I myself am a firm believer that Samsung has the best. I have 3 Samsung TVs. All 120hz LEDs and every single person that comes in my house tells me that the tv looks like your looking through a window.


whatever brand you decide on, buy it from costco.
90 day return policy, and the double manu warranty to 2 years instead of 1.

I love my 47" vizio led lcd.
after about 4 years, my 42" vizio plasma had the pop of death, but I had bought it at costco when they still had unlimited return time on tv's, so I brought it back, got a gift card for the $1100 +tax I had paid for the plasma originally, and spent $800 of that on the 120hz 47" led lcd. It's been going strong for about 1.5 years now.


I have a Toshiba REGZA 46" and I absolutly love it. It has super dark blacks and bright vivid colors.


Hey there, I was just going through the same process and did research for a few months before pulling the trigger. I ended up buying a 46" LG LCD (1080p, 120hz, 2.4ms response time, internet connected) for $799 at MicroCenter here on Long Island. The model number is 46LD550. For the price, features, size and brand name (if that means anything to you), I couldn't say no. As said here, take a look Best Buy, etc. and see which display is pleasing to you. I'm a big fan of plasmas but the TV is in a room with tons of windows. The LG is a gorgeous set, super lightweight with a nice swivel stand. Picture is unreal, especially Blu-Ray (bought the LG player for around $100 in addition to the $100 Vizio Soundbar, decent home theater on a budget!). Here's the link, good luck:


There are LOTS of really good TV's out there, unless you join one of the various "religions" and decide that there is truly only One Way to buy a TV and is to buy THIS brand, with THESE features at THIS seller. And if you do that, your problems are over - just do what the clergy tell you.

Here's my $.02.

We replaced our (some would say "old," but we prefer to say "venerable") Mitsubishi 25" with a lavish Vizio from Secondipity.

Vizio has been in our home for only 6 weeks; we LOVE it. $193 and change. It's this TV: VIZIO 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV - E321VL.

We watch from 7-8 feet - sports via an antenna in the attic, and DVD's, plus streaming movies from Netflix, etc.

Secondipity was described its condition as "excellent," as I recall. When it arrived, it was in a badly damaged box, which the nationally known (and often reviled) delivery service managed to get very, very wet. Falling apart. The TV was fine. "Excellent" at Secondipity means "new"? Not a fingerprint on it.