questionsi want to buy lida soap but cant figure out how…


1. Start by looking on this list.
2. Select your favorite. Click thru to buy. If there is a RIP beside the soap, the soap is no longer available. Seriously, it's not tombstone soap.
3. Make sure the final price is what you expect.
4. Click to buy soap from some shady online outfit.
5. Wait many days or even weeks to get soap from aforementioned shady online outfit.
6. Open, use at your own risk, and enjoy if possible.


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@lumpthar: You missed a step, between #5 and #6. That would be:

5.5. Post in the deals.woot "ask the community" forum, wanting to know where your soap is.

What hijinks? (That's a great word, by the way.)


Lida is a brand of a type of soap that the Spanish call Macedonia soap.

While I didn't find Lida brand for you, here are a couple alternative brands of the same soap:
This store in Vienna, VA carries Caswell Massey's Macedonia soap:
This pharmacy in Spain carries Krisbel's Macedonia soap:

It appears that there is a wholesale option for Krisbel's Macedonia soap as well, but as I'm sure you don't want 1000+ bars, I won't bother posting the myriad links for that.

You can also look on ebay to see if anyone is selling any - I see one enterprising seller is asking $100 for 6 bars...

Good luck, and have a soapy-clean day!



@inkycatz: We would never think about spamming or pranking someone here, and I am almost offended by your insinuations. :)


@curtise: "enterprising seller"...I fell over laughing.