questionsdid you know that google is offering a freeā€¦


I know SOOOO many people who could benefit from this class (and, by extension, I would benefit as well, though it would probably reduce my opportunities to use

A lot of the people at work laugh and think I'm joking when I tell them that ~75% of my job is using Google. It's sad really, that so many people cannot use it effectively.

BTW- I signed up... If nothing else, I'll be able to point to the certificate when the people at work think I'm joking... ;)


@baqui63: I'm curious as to what your job is. I sincerely hope you're not a doctor, that would suck. (By the way, check your PM's)

I think I'm going to join as well. Being in school, Google is quite possibly the greatest thing ever, especially when writing papers. Using it more efficiently means less time needed to research & write and more time to goof off.


My son could right the book/ he goes to a Top Computer School in his last year. He can find anything in a quarter of the time it takes me. He showed me that putting " " gets more specific searchable results cutting out the BS


I would love to do this but not sure I will be able to complete being that I'm going out of town 7/11-7/15. Sounds like it would be a really helpful class though.


In for three! er... I mean, I've enroled!
Thanks for pointing this out, @Adam113089... It can never hurt to have extra credentials!


Here is the quick class.
Type "power" into the box at the Google website.
YOU are now a "power" searcher.

I am signing up...thanks for the info.


YAY!!! Finally I can get a degree worth framing!!


Thanks! I think I will sign up for this.


I think I need to do this. I'm liking the idea of the certificate. Something to point to that I've accomplished something for once!


While I echo @baqui63 in thinking this could help a lot of people, and by way of that cut my load too, it'd be a lot more useful if they'd not nerfed their advanced functionality so badly in the past couple of years.

Frankly, all the search engines have been making big sacrifices in the interests of being more approachable to the lay audience ever since Alta Vista search dropped their "NEAR" keyword, which must have been the most useful thing ever in websearching. People weren't using it enough and they needed the database space that not storing the info required for that function would save. I was very down when that went away.

More recently, google has made quotes not enforce an exact match, due to the kind of usage highlighted above by @bigfrank. Now you have to use "verbatim" mode, which is mutually exclusive with a lot of the other useful features. Then there's what they've done to their * and () modes.

Maybe if more people use it correctly they won't break it more.


I'm in. The things I do when I'm bored...


Thanks. This should save me a lot of time in my searches.



I mostly work in IT (middle management) for a public college.

But I have performed two surgeries, both on myself, to correct an impacted wisdom tooth and a severely ingrown toenail. (The oral surgeon I eventually went to to have my wisdom teeth removed complimented my work in that arena; the podiatrist, not so much, though it did postpone me having to visit him for over three years, so it wasn't all bad... I think he just thought I was crazy.)

I'll check PM's in a moment.



Just checked PM's and there was nothing there from you or anyone else...


How can you possibly become a "power searcher" if you are taught by a search engine that censors various search terms?