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Should have mentioned this is the Roku 2720R model, and I've read the comments on the "Why is my Roku 2 so disappointing?" thread.


See if this page helps any...I don't see much difference myself. YMMV


I wouldn't return it and just keep what you have unless you need dual band support. More info on the models can be found here:

The Roku 1 is a 3rd generation product, so shouldn't be horrible. The Roku 1 and 2 both have similar features and CPU's. I have a Roku 2 HD and don't notice any problems other than a semi-slow GUI if I don't reboot occasionally.


Even though it wasn't much you are quite welcome. I bought a Roku LT a couple of months ago for $40. It's nice, and I've used it a couple of times, but I haven't really used it yet because I can't seem to cut the cord with my cable company. :(


@nedreck: I fear that will be the end result for me, also, but perhaps I can at least ditch some of the premium cable channels. Maybe.


Roku 2 has access to more channels--PBS and others. Also, seem to run faster than my original two Roku 1's


Check if they both have the ability to have closed captions. I had a REALLY old roku and upgraded finally when I bought a new TV so that I could have captions, as the old one did not support them. The current roku 1 may, I don't know. I do not have a hearing problem per se, but sometimes have difficulty catching words, so I've watched TV w/ CC for years and years. Back when I use to watch X-Files every week, there was ALWAYS extra dialogue on CCs that was not spoken!!


@bdsmonkey: CC hadn't even occurred to me, but I'll be sure to check the capability as I research. Thanks!


@magic cave: You can try Netflix, Hulu, and Crackle on a PC before you cut the cord and spend extra on equipment.
If you cut the cable be prepared for offers of up to half off to come back and a full equipment upgrade (saw this from Direct TV)
I told them they should have listened to my request 3 months earlier. When all I wanted was 10 off my bill for a mandatory sports package I did not order, 1 HD upgrade.


@caffeine_dude: [grin] That sounds about right for big companies: wait too long to offer small concessions that will pacify unhappy customers and keep them around longer.

Thanks for the tip on trying Netflix, Hulu, and Crackle before cutting the cord. I'm still firmly attached to Comcast: I just discovered I actually have nearly 60 "season passes" set up on my TiVO! My Comcast account carries pretty much everything they offer, but I've realized in the last several months that I don't watch enough movies to justify paying for all the premium movie services. My hope is that I'll explore the Roku and Chromecast options and discover I can ditch (if nothing else) the Comcast movie services. From there I can experiment to see what else I can ditch. Too bad I can't get rid of the sports channels, since no one here ever watches sports, that's evidently not possible.

Thanks again!