questionsdo you feel like wandering around the forums?


I liked it (at least the quick glance I could steal at work). Can't wait until later to look at it better.


For somebody as lazy as me, a nice summary of stuff that doesn't suck is great. Thanks!


I like it. Pretty enjoyable read of things I missed. And happy 30th @pemberducky, whenever the actual date is. :)


@lichme: But when I'm being lazy I go to Woot, so I guess there is now a way to be lazy at being lazy. Thanks!


I definitely enjoyed it, Inky. You really sure make it a regular thing :)


You and you crazy woot! folk...nice work.


If we're linking to "stuff that happened this week on the woot forums that you may have missed," unfortunately I can't link to the forum thread that made me realize woot will go to any end in order to pretend that they don't make mistakes, because woot - of course - deleted all evidence that a woot staffer agreed to pass along to a woot customer another customer's remark that no one cared if the wooter were murdered. If you're interested in the aftermath, though, it can be found here.


I visit almost all of the woot forums on a daily basis, but I don't go to shirt woot unless it is to vote. Sorry I missed what happened - cannot comment intelligently on what I did not see, but it sounds as if you needed an explanation or at least a discussion prior to deletion of posts. It is very much like the downvoting without explanation in many ways. I despise that kind of thing. If someone feels that something is wrong, they should be adult and mature enough - and yes, courageous enough - to step forward to the plate and explain. I cannot judge at this point whether or not I think it justified in any way, but again, I think there should be an explanation however brief.


@jsimsace: Ha, good feedback, actually. I wondered if it was too long but wanted to hit each of our sites (as much as possible). I tried to break it up with pictures though. ;)

I appreciate the feedback on the roundup thread. Looks like that will become a semi-regular feature in the future. Any preferences on frequency? I'm thinking once a week is clearly too much, is once a month a good idea? More? Less?

(As for the other comments so we don't get entirely off topic, all moderation concerns regarding a specific thread or just in general should likely be addressed with our fearless leader Gatzby via PM.)


It is disingenuous to suggest that people with concerns about censorship at woot PM woot staff for more information. The essential dispute between some of the shirt.wooters and woot staff is about transparency; suggesting that people contact woot staff, to hear whatever sanitized version of the incident that woot staff is giving, is the antithesis of transparency. Furthermore, I am astonished that woot staff is willing to discuss me behind my back with other customers. A week ago, I would have assumed a corporation would adhere to a nominal code of ethics prohibiting such doing, but woot has made it clear they do not abide by any set of ethics if inconvenient for them.

Both sides of the story are publicly available. Although several suggested that I contact counsel or the media, I've been hoping this could be resolved amicably. If woot staff is discussing me behind my back with other wooters, it may be time to accelerate this incident. That makes me sad.


@neuropsychosocial: If you have a complaint against staff or volunteers, please send it to me directly and I will investigate. Please be as specific as possible and include any documented information you have, screenshots are preferred. Otherwise, please use the report function. (Also known as tattle.)

Off topic posts will be treated as such and removed.


Complaints against volunteers????

But, we are perfect!