questionshow do we return an item? no paperwork received…


Just so you know in the future, Deals.woot isn't customer support. As helpful as we try to be, we can't take your product back for you. I wish I had more details because your question is very vague. You can write to them here or at (Only write once they both go to the same place)

Feel free to stop by and hang out with us though, I'm sure you'll see we've got a great community hellbent on making sure every single woot user saves money for anything they could ever need (except for guns, mystery boxes, and products of an adult nature). We also ask fun questions from time to time and worry too much about the colour of our triangle (you'll see if you get hooked like a lot of us) Anyways I digress. Just write woot an email with your order number of the item in question (and a better description of the details) and they will be able to help you out, I'm most certain. Woot's Customer Service is out of this world.


I've had to deal with Woot customer service twice now and they've been great both times. Just email them like @cowboydann said, and you'll be good to go. Also, we do have cake...that's one thing he forgot to mention.


Was this item puchased from woot or one of the deals from deals.woot?

If it's the prior, you should be able to just contact and refer to an order number you'll find either in your e-mail or on your account profile page.

If the item was NOT purchased directly from woot (ie, shirt.woot, home.woot, sellout.woot, wine.woot), then you need to contact the company you purchased the item from.

Hope that helps!

EDIT: if the item's defective contact