questionswhy doesn't woot accept deals from…


This is a web site for deals. Not really a site for manufacturer's coupons. They do accept deals with coupon codes. There are coupons every day for $0.50-1.00 off products, but it's just not what this web site really specializes in.


I think it would be because you need to install the printer software.

I don't have a working printer and the public computers around me don't allow software installations so I never use printable coupons anymore.


@omnichad: That makes sense when you put it that way. This $1 off coupon represents a better than 25% discount on a product I use every day, and having it electronically means I could use it over and over again until the expiration date late next month. That will save me quite a bit so I felt like it was worth sharing. But from the perspective of your post, Deals.woot could easily be overrun by cents off coupons and that wouldn't be a service to its mission so I agree completely. Thanks for the clarification. I was just a bit worried that it wasn't a trusted site and I'd been foolish to install the coupon printer.


@moondrake: is a coupon/deal aggregater. We do not accept posts that lead to other aggregators. You are free to post a link that leads directly to a manufacturers coupon.

All told.


Hey @Moondrake! I don't know the answer to your question but have never tried posting a Bricks Coupon Directly. I post a lot of coupon deals and usually do so with the website thats offering the coupon and instructions on how to score it :)

On another note, I just posted a Buy one get one free coupon for Silk Milk! Cracked me up that I posted my deal then came over to questions to see what was going on for the day. Little did I know that I would be helping out a fellow Silk Milk Fan! Here's my post for the BOGO coupon :)

Have a great day! XOXOXOXO


@moondrake: I hate to be the one to tell you, but only lets you print a given coupon twice per computer. That may not limit you if you have enough computers, but it's not unlimited.


@jumbowoot: I didn't actually realize it was from a deal aggregator till woot told me so. Looked like a regular manufacturer's coupon to me. But that's good to know.

@mommyleah: Thanks! I will definitely take advantage. I mix the coconut almond milk 50/50 with skim lactose free cow's milk and get a delicious lactose free low fat full bodied milk.

@omnichad: Unless the bar code is unique and the cash register at the supermarket is keeping track of it being used, I should be able to just photocopy this one and reuse it. Have to give it a try. I get email coupons from my local movie theater with my name right on them and photocopy them several times for the people going with me and there's never been a problem.


@mommyleah: Interestingly, that coupon is also a coupon. But since you were able to link from Silk's website it didn't get kicked back but woot's server. Which is great because I am glad to have that coupon.