questionsif you use the sodastream, what are your favorite…


The lemon-lime (Sprite) flavor is pretty good. My kids liked the Grape soda one also.


I don't have the Sodastream, but I am wondering if anyone out there is making their own syrups from scratch, and if they're having any success with that.

Sure, the sodastream syrup is cheaper than name brand soda, but is it THAT much cheaper than generic store brand soda? Making your own flavored syrup would be super-cheap and you'd have complete control over quality.


I like the root beer. Almost as good as real beer.


@omnichad: I wonder how it compares to the Torani or similar syrups both in price and other aspects (concentration, sweetness, etc.). If Torani worked it could make for some interesting flavor options.


@omnichad: @emilyb0902: Before buying one for my brother and sister-in-law for their wedding present I looked into whether you could make your own syrup (she is a no high fructose corn syrup person so I knew she would want to know)
This link is for some old fashioned recipes:
This is a cola recipe:
And when looking for those links again I ran across the following which has reference to using the torani syrups


Sorry to spoil the party, but none of them are my favorite. I own a sodastream Fizz and all the samples that cam with it taste too artificial or like medicine. I ended up trying a few alternatives that are compatible with the sodastream system. I got the best results from using Ralph's Soda Mix. Their Old Fashioned Cream Soda is to die for... seriously.. amazing taste, no aftertaste, and just plain awesome.