questionsdo you have vonage? want to save money?


This works for several industries. Call your credit card company and they might offer to reduce the interest rate. Call your alarm company and they might reduce the price (assuming you're not under a contract).

This isn't anything new. Many companies would rather reduce their price and keep you as a customer than have you go to a competitor.


Still not interesting enough to get me away from magicjack


Is it for a certain amount of months($10 a month for 3 months, $24.99 /month after that)? Or is it $10 a month for as long as you keep your service?


With MagicJack, you get to talk with a "Peggy" from Indonesia. Ah, fun times.


Hubby started a new business last year, I bought a MagicJack Plus for him.

Every once in a while there's crackling on the line, but unplugging from the router for a minute, then plugging it back in and there's no problem. You'd never know it's not a landline phone.

Never considered Vonage, the MJP was way cheaper.


Another thing to consider is Ooma, which is free (except for $3 or so collected as a federal phone tax). The service is similar to or better than Vonage for the most part, though the service did go down nationally for about a day last year. The actual unit does cost money, but it pays for itself within months of switching from Vonage. And it's often sold right here on Woot, too.


@cengland0: This works for most companies, but this is a new option given to the account managers at Vonage. I've been getting a good deal from them every year since they didn't want me to leave. This is by far their best deal though.

It's a lifetime price, so never any increase. That's why I said if you plan on sticking with Vonage. I have left and am no longer with Vonage. I'm very happy with what I have worked out, which is $3.42/month all inclusive. But for those with Vonage, you aren't going to get a better price with no contract and guaranteed to stay the same as long as you stay with Vonage.


@zxzgrifterzxz: It's lifetime, so as long as you have the service. It's not the offer you see on TV which is only for 3 months. You'll never pay more than $10/month + taxes & surcharges.


@starblind: The problem with ooma is that you don't get most of their features for free, you have to get the premium service. You have to buy the hardware which isn't cheap. And they keep tacking on new surcharges. NY was ~$4 until now and is going up to more than $5. I had it as a backup and line for 911, but gave it up after the free premium service ran out and they announced the increase in taxes/surcharges. Service was MUCH better than magicjack or magicjack plus, a bit more reliable than Vonage, but the hardware was too expensive, had too large a footprint, and no long term commitment from them about keeping the taxes/surcharges low. And YES, they have 100% control over the surcharges. Surcharges are how phone companies make their customers pay for fees they are charged. They are BS charges that only help their shareholders, not their service.


Does anyone know if MJ is fax compatible?


@jgribb1: Some people have success with it. YMMV.

Do a google search on faxing with the Magic Jack. MJ has a free trial period, so you've nothing to lose.


@jgribb1: I don't know about magicjack, but no matter what anyone or any website tells you, faxing over VOIP will be hit or miss depending on the ATA, supported protocols from the provider & your fax equipment. Unless you have all three, it may or may not work. May work on and off. Make sure you test everything before you commit to a service if faxing is important for you.

My experience:
- Vonage: Sending fax works on/off and receiving works rarely while on TWC, Cablevision & Comcast. Cannot send at all on Verizon FiOS but have never had a problem receiving.
- Cablevision VOIP: Faxing doesn't work at all.
- Verizon FiOS Digital Phone: No problem sending or receiving faxes at 9600 baud or slower. Faster didn't work at all.
- OOMA: Forget it. They advertise it works but it never worked for me or the dozen or so people who told me OOMA was the cat's meow.
- CallCentric: They say it won't work, but so far I've had about 90% success rate.


@mschauber: I have Ooma and use that for my faxing needs and it works sufficiently. Occasionally, it hangs up and then has to redial and attempt again but in general it usually works.

Faxing over VOIP does seem to take longer per page than over POTS. I do both and I have reason to believe the VOIP isn't supporting a high baud rate.