questionspaging @xarous - hey, how are you doing?


Indeed, you are missed in the community. First and foremost, take care of yourself.

Edit: Would it be better if she phrased it as a question? While it may not be a question, the content is far more valuable imo than a lot of the other stuff posted.


Turned it into a question and looking forward to his check in.


Well wishes from me as well, I hope everything went according to plan and that you get well soon!


@xarous: well wishes from here, too! Inquiring minds want to know...


Hope things went ok and you are on the road to recovery. Not sure what all you had done, but take it easy as you heal.


Sending warm healing thoughts to you, @xarous:.


Ironically enough I emailed him earlier this afternoon. From the reply it seems he still has a little ways to go before he is feeling better. But what an optimistic guy for being in his position. Class act all the way!

Get well soon @xarous


Hello My Friends:
Let us start this off with upvotes for EVERYBODY! I would give you more if I could. Because you all have given me so much. Just so that everyone knows if it wasn't for @Moosezilla I wouldn't have been able to handle everything going on as well as I have. Because of her husband's painful experience they were able to give me valuable insight and guidance during this trying time. So many people have helped in so many ways. From e-mails, tweets, mentions, guidance, caring, and kindness. Rare in a world where anonymity through the internet lately has bred hate. Yet here we all have a strong community. Where people really do care.
If you haven't seen why people are checking on me here are a couple threads to bring you up to speed:


TL:DR? C6/C7 had a severe bilateral bulging that led to herniation/rupture while on the job, but original signs looked as if it was a pinched nerve. It took them so long to find real problem that surgery was the only option for relief. The nucleus from the disc was literally choking the nerves. Causing me extreme non-stop pain and paralysis from "behind" my right ear all the way to the pinky finger on my right hand. So they removed all the nucleus and disc, then stuck bone from a dead guy in the space to cause a bigger opening and then screwed it all up with a titanium plate and titanium screws. So surgically I am "fixed" but my nervous system is in a wreck.


Because I have near 90% loss of ability in my right hand (I'm right handed) I am going through a ton of physical therapy and medicines to help. I am stoically attempting to wean myself off the opiates that have poisoned my body, but still make it where I can function properly. I have two daughters. I want to hold them, be able to pick them up, throw them around, and most of all be able to provide for them. Some may say I am stubborn, but I am still attempting to do this without legal intervention and disability. I am still trying to give my company the time and faith to do the right thing. Yet I am not naive and have many back-up plans as I know some will come into play. Just know that I am as well as I can be and when I physically am able to rejoin and remain in the black triangle club all will be well. I think of many of you daily and through social media still get to interact and communicate. If you want to get in touch with my try using my username here in other social sites.


I just want to again thank so many of you and this question, the e-mails, tweets, and chats have raised my spirits even more and enabled me to focus on the end goal. Getting back to being me. I will be around when I can. I wish all the best to each and every one of you. Best wishes and blessings in all that you do and during this holiday season, no matter what you celebrate or observe. May you be reminded that in the end when something like this happens it sobers you up to important things, like little princesses that need to be loved and taught and raised to be wonderful, beautiful women. That is my job, my ultimate goal. I want them to be self-rescuing princesses that love their family and have strong bonds with each other no matter what. So again thank you on allowing me to focus on that and that alone. Again, best wishes and joy to all.


@xarous: Well spoken. Best wishes for a speedy full recovery.


@xarous: Hang in there, buddy. It's a long road for recovery and you'll have to stay determined. Never give up.

//gentle hugs