questionsis there a correlation between when jumbowoot…


I don't think they are. The coupons used to be given out at around the same time each month, around the 12th-15th, and they've been showing up later in the past few months.


That is assuming @jumbowoot is even sending coupons. NEVER expect them, Be delighted IF you receive them.

They are a blessing not to be assumed.


@morriea is correct. They are simply a bonus for your activity, not a "monthly" thing. Enjoy them if/when you get them.


@morriea: Agreed, I just didn't post that because I feel like I go off on that tangent every time I see @jumbowoot and coupon in the same post.


I've only ever gotten one, which was right after I had just started coming over here, and it did not coincide with a wootoff. None since. sad face