questionswhat are all the ways you can (or have) received…


Buy random shirts, buy the thing on Woot's birthday, have something bad happen to you and Woot feels sorry for you (shipping related, this never happened to me), and I got one for having a top comment or something on deals.woot.

I'm sure there are many other ways as well.


As rewards for activity on deals.woot, I have received several types of coupons for use on the woot family of sites. I love getting shirt.woot coupons.


For always eating your vegetables. ;-)


For here on deals the "rewards" coupons have been:

In February there was a free shirt coupon for posting a deal during February.

In June there was a free shipping code (can use 4 times) for use at any site for having a Top Answer or Top Comment in June.

In August we were given 5 dollars off any Woot! site for voting on a sponsored deal.

There have been more rewards I have gotten, but not coupons.


the most recent was for being active on a day in September (busiest traffic day for deals.woot) which was $10 off any woot site