questionsshould i go displayport to vga or hdmi?


The nice thing about going to hdmi is that you can run sound through it as well. To me it would be worth the extra cash.

This sounds like what you need:

Or are you using a Mac with the mini-displayport/thunderbolt connector?


When you're talking about computers, I doubt you can get sound through the HDMI because your video card does not double as your sound card.

Anyway, either would work but don't be surprised when you realize the pixel density is not as good as a computer monitor. Those on a TV are usually much larger so the text is not as clear unless you have the font really big.


Go HDMI. VGA is analog, therefore your will lose a great deal of picture quality. Your colors will look wrong, the contrast will be off, and it will never really look good. If you can't find a display port to HDMI dongle, pick up one for DVI, and then an HDMI converter. HDMI is essentially DVI with sound added, so there's no signal loss or anything weird. But definitely stay away from VGA.


@cengland: Actually, HDMI drivers do include sound, depending on your video card. If the video card has Dport, it should include sound support.


Anyway, I rock Dport to HDMI for my media center computer, and it delivers high def digital video as well as sound to my TV. Do it. You'll love it.


Since this is just going to be a tertiary monitor you don't use for much, VGA without sound should be fine. I wouldn't pay extra for an HDMI converter if you're not going to be spending a lot of time looking at it.


DisplayPort to HDMI adapters are cheap. For example, here's one for $7.59 at monoprice. For that price, it'd be a lot better than going analog/VGA.


It probably doesn't need to be an active converter. Most computers with displayport are set up to output HDMI signals if an HDMI adapter is conencted. If yours is the rare exception you'd need an active converter, but you'll almost certainly be fine with passive.

Go with the above poster's link to monoprice. Make sure and stock up on cables while there, or the shipping might be a bit much for one adapter.


Thanks all.

@okham: Win7. It has to be an active converter though from all the research I did via forums.

@cengland0: Yeah, wondered how bad it would be. It would definitely be just for extra stuff on the side.

@ryanpblyth: The DVI idea is a good one because the most reasonable DP to HDMI active that I can find is about $70. But looks like DVI ones are about $25.

Hmmmmm, off to ponder and shop.


I work in AV and in my experience, you're much better off going digital to digital, than digital to analog. D-port is digital correct? If so go HDMI


I bought a Displayport to HDMI cable recently off Amazon, and it's worked out great. The most important thing is the sound, so that I don't have to fiddle around with external speakers and can just use my TV remote to turn up the volume. If you're using a monitor, either way should be fine, but I'm going to stick by HDMI.


I just upgraded from a 5830, which is a small step up card from that. You are correct in that you need an ACTIVE adapter for 3rd monitor. I would recommend shelling out for the HDMI option, VGA on a HDTV looks horrible. Here is a list of what will work
you could go mini dp to dvi active, than either div to hdmi cable, or dvi to hdmi adapter to save money


I agree with the HDMI sentiment, having sound and video in the same cable is priceless. This is one of the cooler pieces of kit I've seen in a while, it can drive 3 monitors off a single displayport connection.


@rhmurphy: Note: This is a passive adapter. While DisplayPort connectors are capable of passing an HDMI® signal, DisplayPort and HDMI® signals are basically different and not compatible with each other. This adapter does not actively convert a DisplayPort signal into an HDMI® signal. In order for this adapter to function properly, you must have a DisplayPort source device capable of producing and passing out an HDMI® signal through the DisplayPort jack.

From the Monoprice description

You can get one for a decent price on Amazon that is active, however.