questionswhere can i find a great deal on a portable…


I have this one
It works great and doesn't cost much to run. It will heat your entire place for 3 days on the highest setting before needing to replace your propane tank. I use mine for emergency heat (we didn't have a fireplace last year) and it heated my entire house without a problem.


@capguncowboy: That's a nice idea, but I'd prefer something electric... I need something I can leave running when not at home. Thanks, though!


Electric heaters will have high operating costs no matter what; there's no magic to it, and the most you're going to get is 3.413 btu/watt, so approx. 5120 btu for a 1500w plug-in heater.

Whether you end up with a ceramic, infrared, or oil radiator, they're all going to heat the same. The difference is whether you're looking for dispersed heat (fan forced), spot heat, or slow/gentle heat.

Beyond a thermostat, look at them in the safety perspective (tip over switch and listed). And price. But that's about all I can suggest. I live in SoCal ... it was 80+ again today. I think a/c down here, not heaters.


These are the bomb as far as electric heaters go. You can find them much cheaper elsewhere.


i always look on gunbroker. you can find some pretty good deals on pistols there if you're patient.


@pinchecat: I live in Idaho. I can get a deal on a gun almost anywhere. :)


@claudicina: i have a small fan heater which works well for a small room or closed room, but i used one of these before and loved how hot it got

if link doesn't work, search for Internet # 202295910. they're slower to heat up, but get really hot after a bit. otherwise you can find smaller fan forced heaters for just over $10 from home depot, walmart, target


The Hydro-Sil heater runs at 100% energy capacity upon initial start-up, but then runs at only 20% energy capacity to keep your room temperature within 1 degree of the temperature set on the thermostat. The savings on my electricity bill was actually noticeable when I switched from using my central heating to using a Hydro-Sil heater.


New Comfort Model ES (Energy Saver) 1500 Infrared heater with remote control (NIB). Heat up to 1000 sq ft for as little as $1 a day. This new 2012 New Comfort ES model could very well be the worlds most energy- efficient heater model on the market.