questionsany suggestions for an artificial pre-lit…


I was in Lowes Saturday and noticed a few really nice lifelike trees. In fact, I am really tempted to get one. The prices ran between $250 and $350. NONE of them had enough lights for me. But then my husband teases me and says we could land airplanes at night with the amount of lighting I put on our own tree.
That being said, once decorated, several of those trees would give a real tree a good run for the money. I'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.


We got our tree at this place:

We also bought one of these for my mother (who always wants tons of lights on her tree - to go with the 1000+ ornaments that she hangs each year). She loves it and agrees that the tree is shaped nicely and well lit.

They have many styles of trees to choose from, have a great warranty, and set up pretty quickly (which is an added bonus in my book).

vote-for3vote-against seems to have some good ones. I just ordered one from there myself. As a point of comparison: I got a 6.5 foot tree from WalMart last year that had about 700 needle tips, but the one I just bought has over 1200 tips, so it'll look much fuller. They're offering free shipping right now too.