questionsquality control at woot: is there any?


Sorry for the problems. I hope you've emailed for assistance.

I guess the one thing I would point out is that we don't package or refurbish the products ourselves. We purchase them from vendors that do that. Like any other retailer, we are at the mercy of our vendors and shippers.

We receive samples from the vendors from which we do our photographs and our lists of what's in the box. It seems that in some cases what they're sending us in the sample is different than what they're shipping out. We need to figure out a way to follow through on that.

I'm sorry for the problems you've experienced. I'll pass them on so we can continue to improve.


@thunderthighs: Is this the same case with the woot shirts?


@icemanforlife: I think you're being a little snarky as the OP wasn't talking about shirts and I answered his specific concerns.

However, I will share this post from Shirt Staff added 7/31, 7:54pm CST:

We think we have figured out the cause of the wrong print size ending up on shirts. We've addressed the issue, and hopefully it should no longer occur.

We have confirmation from Customer Service that they try to get back to all emails within 48 hours. If you're waiting longer than that, please check your spam folder, then send a follow-up email if necessary.

Regarding off-center or off-register prints, and manufacturing flaws in the tees themselves - all shirts are individually checked at the end of the production run. We have humans checking the shirts, and sometimes they miss things. They try to catch as many issues as possible, but if something gets by them, please contact customer service and they'll be happy to help.


It's kind of like may not see it, but it's there if you have a problem.


@thunderthighs: It's possible that they're just not aware of how it works, and thinks that Woot shirts are printed elsewhere, then resold by Woot.

(I will vouch that stray hair that came with my copy of Something I Must Do, which I can't say anything about because it was like two years before I finally brought it out to wear, came from a real Woot employee!)


@narfcake: Ooh, I also got woot hair! In both copies of my UnNinja hoodie! Although I'm bit disturbed: you sent me an email a while back with the subject header "Something I Must Do." I totally missed the reference. Was I suppose to not reply? Because if so... whoops.

Although come to think of it, I haven't received an email from you since...


@narfcake: I hope you saved it. It might be a special magical hair!

If anything, that should be proof that we use actual humans and not machines to do some of the shirt print work.

You should also be on the look out for monkey hair. We can't control those beasts.


@thunderthighs: Monkeys have hair too. Magical Monkey Hair. How do we know the work isn't really being done by monkeys? It would explain so much.


I received an incorrect item from a Woot Plus store. Since those are only rolling specials, they were out of stock of the correct one. I'm going to have to go to the source now to buy it.

Woot did however give me a coupon, as an apology :) Despite their mistakes, I'm satisfied 75% of the time with the quality, and usually 90% of the time with the price (I just don't buy the overpriced stuff they offer now and then).


bought quite a lot from lot from woot since joining about 2 years ago and in all that time can only name 2 problems off the top of my head...

t-shirt where print was so off center it wasnt funny, they sent a replacement out right away once i provided photos.

remote helicopter last week that doesnt work, none left in stock so they refunded my money which was cool but not the $5 off code i received for doing a survey back in May.. i guess i'm not getting that back.


I've only had one transaction (out of +35) with woot! that was not perfect. I purchased a product that was supposed to ship with a DVD. It arrived sans disc so I contact customer support and they were very apologetic, explained the error, and eventually sent out a replacement.
In actuality it was due to a marketing mistake and the product was not even supposed to come with a DVD. Instead of leaving it at that or offering to ship the item back and receive a refund, Woot went out of their way to work with the manufacturer to secure some of the DVDs. Once accomplished they shipped me one. It was also offered that the content was available online.
I don't know how much you shop online from retailers other that woot! but my opinion is that the woot! packages almost always arrive with an overabundance of Texas air and are well packed
Now I'm just disappointed that all the so-called Texas air that I have been huffing isn't the real deal.... I'll attribute the "high" from the placebo effect


The one thing that I've found is that since Woot doesn't actually do QC, they have been amazing at helping when I've received something that has had subpar Q. They have always seemed to stand behind what they sell, even if it's not their product, that they packaged or shipped themselves. And, that's a reason I feel comfortable buying from them.


No complaints here, whenever something went awry (and it has a couple of times) woot has gone out of their way to not only make it right, but to make it better than right.

It's almost at the point where you root for something to go wrong, because woot will try so hard to make it right again.

Except BOCs. But that's because I don't get enough of those.


@thunderthighs: I read the question as woot in general and he stated his issue with a recent purchase. The first reply the was directed solely at shirt.woot which made his comment very on topic.

As for his reply it could have been directly pointed at if there is a problem e-mail service to see if this also applied to problems with shirts. Also since shirt recently outsourced mugs the question could have been asking if the misprinted shirts themselves also have also been outsourced.

If he did intend it as a "snarky" reply it could be deserved. Many people have been unhappy with shirt products as evident by the long thread over in shirt. I myself have a misprinted shirt I am sitting on not sure what to do with. My un-ninja 3 has the widely reported blurry 1 eyed print. I posted photo proof in the shirt thread. I have not mailed service because the response has been to send a replacement, which comes misprinted. So not wearing it and stuck how to advance. Its very frustrating.


@raider9924: Please email They'll help you with the misprinted shirt. You should always contact us if you receive a product that does not match the description (or image, in this case).

It sounds like the Shirt staff have gotten to the bottom of the issues with the print issues so we should see improvements moving forward.

We all appreciate the time many of the wooters took to report the problems and share photographs. It lets us know about the problems and gives us information to research the cause.


@thunderthighs: I wish, I wish I knew how to send a pm, but I wanted to let you know--

This was a huge concern at my previous job. We had cases where lack of quality control meant huge problems. I can give you more details, and I understand that my line of work (the space sector) has a much larger budget to combat bad quality than retail, but I can at least share what we did and then maybe y'all can see how to extend that to your own processes, if you're interested.

Or maybe I just like bragging about working in the space sector too. I know that's part of it.