questionsdo you buy anything at a local mom & pop if so…


Mostly services like:

* Lawn Mowing
* Tile Installation.
* Plumbers
* Garage Door Repair
* Pressure Washing

Purchasing tangible products are usually done at larger places only because small stores seem to have higher prices and not as much merchandise in stock to select from.


I used to shop at a local hard ware store if I just needed something simple like pipe fittings or a hose -- but they don't stock anything any more. I swear they have the exact same stock there now as they did 10 years ago (and the stuff they've sold hasn't been replinished). I find myself going to Lowe's for that stuff more and more often


Most of the mom & pop places I go are restaurants.


I know my local hardware store is stocked with everything I've ever needed, blows away the large warehouses, but I wouldn't remodel my house there. They have expertise and knowledge that no one at Home Depot or Lowe's around here does.
Also there's a local auto shop that I've enjoyed buying tires from. Family deal, the kind with the old lab laying on the floor in the waiting room. I'd rather spend my money there instead of the nationwide shops.


I'm planning a wedding in a smaller area, and while there are bigger retailers that service the area, I'm still getting flowers and centerpieces and rentals from smaller, locally-owned companies because they are recommended highly and competitive on their bottom line.

(I'm sure there will be more categories as planning continues)


@perkalicious11: Your wedding? How exciting to plan. BTW I haven't had a chance to ask you how your remodel went?


We buy supplies for our pets and livestock at a local independent feed store.

I just bought some tires from a local independent tire shop.

We patronize several locally owned non-chain restaurant, take-out pizza and coffee places.


Pizza and ethnic food. Sushi from Walmart, not so much.


I love "mom & pop" shops here in town; Many of which are restaurants but my favorite place to shop is a small Mediterranean deli (named Bill's Imports) that carries the best olives and feta cheese. I never get these items anywhere else.


@klozitshoper: Indeed, my wedding. Amidst the remodeling project. It's been hectic!

Since it came to mind, pretty much everything we've used had been purchased from the local Home Depot...because it's 4 minutes form my home and the only place in my small town that has things like drywall.


arts n craft stuff - mom and pop
small hardware need - mom and pop

big purchases like lumber for a deck or shingles - depends. Lowes/HD aren't always the cheapest and many times they carry inferior products at the same price. Forget the name brand, it is the material it is made from.

e.g. 3/4" cabinet grade plywood - the big box retailers will often sell the stuff from china that has voids and soft woods on the interior - mom and pop sawmill will give you quality and will take back a defective panel.


In my hometown in the USA, I often go to my favorite mom and pop general store for grocery items and monster energy drinks. It's a little more expensive but its close by and I'm friends with em :)

Now that I live in China, all the stores near my apartment are literally run by the mom and the pop who own the place. I almost never go to a supermarket here.


@spikedknight: I wish I could give you more than one + for that answer.


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Restaurants, instrument shopping, arts and crafts, framing. Also, anything to do with detail. Unfortunately, a lot of the mom & pop stores are going out of business where I am at. Getting harder to find them.