questionswhere should i get my film developed?


I've always had good experiences at my Costco photo lab. Sam's Club is starting to remove photo processing, so that's hit and miss.


@mellielou: oh costco! i forgot about that. thanks for reminding me!


I use Walgreens for the basic stuff. I haven't had film developed in years but my wife uploads our digital photos online and they're ready at the store within a few hours. I'm sure most places offer the same service at similar competitive prices though.


Just head done to the Fotomat and get it done, should only take a few days.


I work at a place that does one-hour photo. It is no longer one-hour really, and many of the company's locations have removed the film processor, so all they can do is digital (and reprints from already developed negatives). Film is in decline, when I was processing film 10 years ago, it was a full-time non-stop position with rolls being dropped off all the time. Now a days, we consider ourselves lucky to get a dozen rolls dropped off in a month.

I would suggest taking it someplace that has in-house processing and still does as brisk a business as they can. I know we have problems at our location with the chemical balance staying in sync because of lack of use. The way the machine's (and chemical mix) is designed is for a certian level of use, fall below that and it becomes harder to maintain and expensive because you are always using up chemical supplies to keep things in check.


On a side note, I was cleaning out some cubboards and came across some old disposable cameras from my party days that may have some risque pictures on them. Where can I take those that they will actually develop them. I remember trying to get photos developed from Mardi Gras and the place censored them.


@mikecris: I guess I can answer this since I work in a place that process film on site...

The answer is: it is all up to the operator of the film machine (and/or store policy). Federal law ONLY restricts pictures of child pornography, which are to be reported to the FBI (but not the local police). Many stores attempt to be "family friendly" and have policy's about restricting the production of pictures that could be offensive to the employee performing the job. So what you want to do, is find out who is running the machine, and make a judge-ment call about the person and/or ask them point-blank what they would do if you dropped this off and there was a picture of a bare breast or something like that. If the say no printing, then ask at another place (or another employee on a different day). At the minimum you can ask for the store to develop the negatives, but not produce any prints, then you can take the negatives somewhere else to get printed, or buy a film scanner for yourself.


If you get a film scanner for yourself, then you can digitize the negatives, and print them yourself if you want paper copies. Or again, you can send the digital files to be printed somewhere else, a lot of online places will take your money and a human eye (may or) may not even see the picture they are sending back to you.


I can still develop your films regardless of content (providing there is no kiddy porn of course, and I can tell). Email me at for details.