questionsdo you use your tablet for sheet music?


I used a program that would turn MIDI into sheet music and it was nice because it would scan through the music and 'turn the pages' for you so to say. (it was a continual bar... kind of like Mario Paint's music program I guess) I don't know if they make something like that for tablets but if they did it sounds like that could help you out a lot.

My two cents.


I can't read sheet music, but I do use it for chords. I play piano and guitar and a few other instruments by chord and by some of the theory I know. It works really well for me!


I've used my laptop screen some as well. If I find that it's something I like, though, I usually just kill some trees and print it all out.

I think it'd be cool to be able to display my sheet music on a tablet, but I'm not sure the screen would be big enough to play without having to squint at the screen constantly.