questionswho else is excited for no more campaign ads?


No more ads...yay!

No more robocalls...yay!

Six weeks of whining and lawsuits from the!


This is David and I approve this message.


Tomorrow marks the first day of the 2016 presidential election ads.


Party at my house. I work for the post office. They should have charged a pretty penny for all that stuff and but the whole system in the black.

We should vote for who spends the least on ads and figure they know how to budget.


I'm surprised I haven't gotten a robocall today.


I'm actually tired of people complaining about the political stuff. If you watch Discovery and put your phone number on the Do Not Call list, you avoid most of the stuff, other than what people Tweet and put on the Facebook.


OH THANK GOD YES! I'm on the brink of insanity. One more Elizabeth Warren ad (MA) before a youtube video and I may explode.


Awwww, you think the do not call list does anything for political calls. That's so cute.


It had become a daily occurrence for 2 state office, negative campaign running, competing candidates' ads: I get the mail, there's an oversized postcard for Guy A, another for Guy B. Everyday. The recycling bin doesn't fill as fast as you'd think.
I really hoped a 3rd or 4th party candidate would run against these 2 guys so someone reasonable might get the office, but no. Now I'll be curious to see how many voters just skipped voting for either.


Yes, I'm looking forward to the return of ads about P90InsanityZumbaX, erectile dysfunction, lawyers ... I guess that is still better than politicians.


I live and work in one of the important SSSSCCHHWWIIIIIINGGG states.
We have been deluged with negative ads for months.
I abhor election pop up and static ads online. It's like they are watching you.
Tonight I'm going to go home and watch tv and for the first time in months, hopefully not see any political ads.