questionsany reviews of the acer aspire as5560g-sb485…


To me it looks like you got yourself a very sweet deal. I looked up the PC's processor: it ranks fairly high on the list of processors ("high end"). Can't complain about the 500gb HD or the RAM. Likewise, the 1gb of dedicated video, if that's correct, would make your laptop perfect for video/gaming.

However, I wasn't able to find any more reviews on the product that what you mentioned. Hope that helps.


I found a few hits on YouTube for the "Acer Aspire 5560G" series of laptops, although nothing for this particular model. 2 people had posted gameplay video recorded on a similar model in the series (with just an A6, but the RAM maxed out to 8GB -- something I plan to do within the next few months myself). The hard drive size is a little small by desktop standards today; however, since this laptop won't be shared with other family members, it should still be plenty roomy enough for the stuff I want. (Heck, the desktop I use at work has only half the HD space of this laptop -- so I really can't complain!)