questionswhy isn't amazon payments an option for woot…


Pure irony, in the true (aka correct) sense of the word :D


Give them time. It's not as easy as point-and-click to change up something as important as payment handling.

From what I understand, other than the acquisition and some deals linked back and forth, Amazon has been pretty hands-off of Woot. If Woot's not ready, they're not ready.


It's been 18 months which is an eternity in web commerce time.

I appreciate Amazon's light-handed approach to their Woot acquisition but this would have been a good idea even if Woot hadn't been bought by them.

It would certainly make Amazon gift cards more desirable. ;)


Yeah, it would be a big incentive for me if I could use Amazon gift cards/credits on Woot.


@cloudscout: i would love the ability to use Amazon gift cards


It would also be awesome to get the Amazon credit card reward points!


I agree that using Amazon payment info would be great! As to the hands-off approach, did anyone else see the woot-off lights on Amazon during the last woot-off? It was the first time I'd noticed them. Have they been there before?


Agreed, definitely a big opportunity for Amazon!