questionsi'm trying to put together a doctor who themed…


They have replica Sonic Screwdrivers, consider getting one of those for their favorite doctor.

I remember that the Doctor has had random food cravings after he changes form, maybe prepare a dish that he's eaten?

A pair of Chucks could be good too


A fez, and packed in a TARDIS blue bag perhaps. :)

I have also tapped the fine Doctor Who experts in our Doctor Who thread on Everything But Woot to help out.


Thinkgeek has a LOT of Doctor Who stuff. I'd suggest starting the search there.

And always take a banana to a party. Bananas are good.


@sunnyx0r: I agree with ThinkGeek. They have a ton of Doctor Who stuff. I like the little backpack clips myself


The basket should definitely be bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.


@minxa1: Oh I have the plush cyberman backpack clip that talks when you squeeze it. Pretty cool and always gets a comment around geeks.


I am a Doctor Who fanatic. Personal favorites from my collection are:


11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver screwdriver

It Came Out of Nowhere- have about 6 including the new on silver

Sonic Scredriver Wii Remote

The TARDIS ornament is nice but very fragile. The TARDIS bobblehead is OK. The remote controller K9 is fun. The stylus for the Nintendo DS (I haven't taken mine out of the package) looks cool.

An Amazon Prime membership gets them free streaming of many old episodes.


Fishsticks & custard. Yum!


@inkycatz: Bless you for linking crafts! Doctor Who should be as much about creativity as merchandise.


You should look around for some old paperbacks or annuals, just for fun. I know they're not that good and won't represent the newer doctors (although I've seen some handsome Tennant-era hardcovers at Goodwill), but they have fun covers and will take up space. And annuals are just all-around cool.


Of course a bow tie...bow ties are cool


Of course this fridge:

If they are old school Whovians, I'd recommend a copy of Shada. Or a really long scarf.


This one is mostly free... print out some fun party masks for them to play with:


How about a DVD or Blu-Ray of their favorite doctors?


I'll second the suggestion of the disappearing TARDIS Mug and cookie jar. The TARDIS Cookie jar is so fun because it makes the take off and landing sounds, but it's hard to sneak cookies.

Here's a page of TARDIS wall stickers:

Also picked up the MadMen take off T called MadMan With a Box from They've got another Doctor T shirt up there right now.

@theoneill555 has perfect suggestions. In fact, everyone here does. I say money is no object for friends. Get them one of everything!

BTW, may I be your friend, too?


@lavikinga: waves Did you ever warm up to Matt Smith?

Did I mention that the TARDIS hub also makes the TARDIS noise when plugging in a device or when pushing the "call box sign" on the front and that the light on top lights up when plugged in?


do they have a Wii?
if so, I give you, the 11th Doctors Sonic screwdriver as a Wii Mote.!:


@theoneill555: Yes, yes I did. It took a few episodes. By the time I hit "Let's Kill Hitler," I was on board. Cried when the Ponds left, but it was time for them to move on and thought this wrapped everything up fairly well. Cried like a fool by the time it was over.
The Scene That Was Never Shot:


@lavikinga: Thank you very much for the Never Shot, I hadn't seen it. Now I can't wait to get home to view it with audio!


@orcrist42: Yes! The exploding Tardis poster is great. I got one and matted and framed it for my boyfriend for his birthday. Now it's above the huge tv in the living room!