questionswhere is tim tebow originally from?


Ah, you guys are so mean. ;)

To quote the Wiki: "Tebow was born in Makati City in the Philippines, to American parents who were serving as Christian Baptist missionaries at the time"
Northern Florida now likes to claim him as their own. In fact, some at UF swore he was heaven sent. Personally, I always thought the giving thanks for a great play was a bit much ( ), but if he thinks God is always tuned into watching the Broncos rather than the Caps lose, then more power to him.


@lavikinga: Aww gee, Mom. we don't get to have any fun!


Tim Tebow questions are the equal to and get voted just the same as the last deal posted on the home page of deals.woot!


Now, @barnabee:, if everyone Tebowed off of a bridge, would you want to as well? BTW, don't forget to write your "thank you" note to Aunt Edith for the lovely sweater. Yes, I KNOW it has an enormous duck on the front. It's the thought that counts.


I thought Tebow was birthed whole from God's own rectum, handed a football and a bible and sent on his way?