questionswhat's your opinion of a user/company flooding…


They can post them, but the community tends to ignore or downvote mass posting of deals. Maybe we should let @spicyaprons know?


they seem to be following the rules, so i don't know about tattling.

also, their previous posts do seem to be collapsed under the latest post, so it seems the system is working as it should. i'd just let it be and let the community up/down vote as they see fit.


If it's an actual deal it doesn't bother me (ex. a sale, coupon code, etc.) but if it's not a deal then I usually downvote it.

As for tattling, I think they're following the deals.woot protocol by having their username reflect the company they represent, but I'm not sure about adding how many deals. Deals.woot usually nests similar deals (on the "fresh" page I see one main listing by this user with a + show more below it).


I was also curious about their summary that includes: "CLICK THIS ITEM FOR SPECIAL COUPON SAVINGS OFFER!", but when you click the link, it's just the normal list price for the item...



@theselected: at the top of the page (from the link) it has a banner ad saying if you buy 2 or more aprons and use the code (listed there) you get 10% off and free standard shipping

i've always heard that if you think someone (companies included) is spamming tattle and let the mods decide. i've seen a bunch get deleted even when the poster was following the name rule.


String em up and beat them with a wet noodle.


I tend to downvote them, the deals usually suck anyway.


Thanks all. When we first joined Woot we thought that we were supposed to list all products, like we were required to do on Amazon, Buy and other shopping engines.

Thankfully, a community member who was thoughtful enough to contact us offered some advice. We then posted in the community asking for clarification and advice, which several positive members were most helpful in providing. We are now enlightened on how deals.woot works, so thank you all who offered positive advice! :)