questionsbest woot off in a long time! agreed?


only time can tell young one


Abstain for now - need more time


Definitely haven't seen anything to get worked up over yet. I've been checking back periodically.


Not until they post a Sansa MP3 player.


Given the chaos surrounding the first round of crap ordering, it's not close to the "best" yet. They need to smooth out those glitches for whenever it comes up again (and the servers are even more slammed, since it won't be in the wee hours of the morning).


I haven't seen anything yet that blew my skirt up. I'm glad that you are enjoying it though!


Probably not.

While I've purchased quite a few smaller things that I would not have had it not been All You Can Ship for $5, it will require something really special to offset me hitting F5 for three+ hours... (At least I used the time to finish an entire PD James mini-series that I've been meaning to watch.)

Unfortunately, my lack of sleep overnight led me to oversleep this morning, which led to me getting a $45 parking ticket. (That means unless I find another seven woots to save shipping on I won't even break even, much less come out ahead.)

So, no, probably NOT the best woot-off ever. Though if I do get another BoC and for $3, it will make up for much of the annoyance of this morning.