questionsis it a good investment to purchase your own…


Unless you are a trained plumbing professional stay away from them. They are not as easy to operate as you think.


I'd have to agree with the above answer. Many drain pip installations done in the last two-three decades are done with plastic pipe. A power snake can break that pipe unless it is a straight shot from the cleanout. If you can't clear the clog with normal hand equipment a professional is worth the cost.

The equipment itself is so expensive that it I am not sure you'll recover the cost in the expected lifetime use of a single homeowner.

I guess the question I should ask, is why do you think you need the power snake? Have you had repeated problems? Do you have an intractable clog?


Most clogs don't need a powered drain snake, and you should use it so infrequently that a $20 or less manual one works just great for your needs.


Forget buying.
Least you'll spend is $250, while rental is about $20 per day. If you need it more often than once per year, you need a plumber or a sewer line replacement anyway. It's unlikely you'd damage newer PVC pipe, but if it's clay pipe or orangeburg(bituminized fiber pipe) it's probably collapsed and due for replacement.
All that said, you can also rent(or hire a pro, if you wish) a drain snake with a camera attached. A trained person can show you in minutes(though there will likely be a minimum charge of 1-2 hours!) exactly where your problem is and probably recommend the most cost-effective fix. As a machine renter, you might or might not be able to ascertain the problem area. The place you rent from should be some help.


@mkentosh: Pretty sure if he's a plumbing professional he already has one.


If you are looking at purchasing an electric drain snake, you are either a plumber wannabe or in a place where your city needs to clean the mains. Also, watch what you flush down the drains....most baby wipes are not flushable.


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Buying one is like throwing money down the drain.


As a rental store owner, I agree with @havocsback.
If you don't want to pay the professional to do it, go rent one.
Ask the rental store to properly show you how to use it. If they do not show you, collect your things and go to another rental store. All rental stores worth visiting will show you how to use the equipment, and at the very least, ask you if you know how to use the equipment.


I know I'm two months late to the party, but I thought I'd throw in my 2¢ here. After 11 years in my house, one of my shower drains clogged...hard. There was no sign of a problem, then suddenly I was standing in water up to my ankles and a day later it was still there. So, I ordered a drill-powered snake from Amazon for about $13 (and used the other shower in the meantime). I didn't really think that I needed a drill-powered snake, but it was less expensive than most of the manual snakes. It arrived later that week, and in about five minutes the problem was eliminated. I've still got the thing out in my garage, where I expect it will probably sit unused for about a decade. I don't know if my experience as a homeowner compares to the norm, but clogged drains haven't been a big issue around here.