questionshow do you get the freezer smell out of silicone…


Maybe soak them in baking soda? I just started using them, so this is an interesting question for me.


@moondrake: I'm planning on trying baking soda today. Going to seal them up in plastic bags with a healthy bit of baking soda and see if it helps.

I saw a review on a similar tray on Amazon that suggested kitty litter as working, but I don't have a cat so I'm going to see if the baking soda will do the trick.


It works for skunk smell, so why not try tomato juice? Good luck!


Good idea, although that's for skunk smell. Freezer smell is something entirely different, so not really sure if it'd apply.

I also don't want to spend too much; the trays are a few years old so worst case I just have to buy new ones and not leave them in the freezer. I was mainly hoping someone who already had this issue would say what they used.


I got rid of my silicone trays. The smell was annoying for one, but putting them in the freezer while full was a challenge in itself. I'll just buy ice from the corner store for $1 a bag. It's way easier.


I clean my dishwasher every couple of months by running it with nothing but vinegar in it for a cycle. Could drop in the ice trays and run clean them the same way.


Just an update: I tried keeping them in plain baking soda (dry) and it didn't have a significant effect.

I then put them in a saturated baking soda solution (basically put them in water and added enough baking soda so that there was still some on the bottom undissolved) and it's worked pretty well. It's taken a few days of soaking (with me changing the solution every day just to be safe) but the smell is pretty much completely gone as of this morning. I expect it will be completely gone tomorrow.

So, anyone that has this problem with silicone ice trays, skip the vinegar and just soak it in water & baking soda.


I tried washing in hot soapy water, the vinegar soak, then put my tray in a zip bag with baking soda with only a slight lessening of the smell. I was going to try kitty litter next but just never got to the store. So I started washing the tray in the dishwasher every time I ran a load. After about 4 runs through the dishwasher the smell was gone. Maybe persistence is the key!


I tried baking soda, vinegar, soaking, washing - very little effect.

However, silicone ice trays (if they are 100% silicone) are the same material as e.g. oven mitts or cupcake trays. They can go in the oven up to about 440F.

So I threw mine in the oven for a couple hours at ~375. Long story short, they smell fresh and the ice tastes/smells clean now. I think the heat drives off whatever is causing this smell. Night-and-day difference.

YMMV but it worked like a charm for me. Don't toss those bad boys, bake 'em.