questionswhat's your best zombie apocalypse survival skill?


Cooking and interpersonal relations mentoring.

I am not fit for the front line. I don't know how to shoot a gun and I have barely any upper body strength. I'm not gonna pull an Andrea and shoot a gun twice, maybe stab a few zombies with a knife and then act like I'm better than everyone else.

I am good at cooking though and I like making people happy. I'm also really good at keeping my cool during crisis situations. I'd keep the group together and sane, which would create probably as much safety as actually killing the zombies.

In all reality, shelter fortification would probably be the most useful skill.


I am a pretty good shot with a pistol. I am cool under pressure. I am a great organizer. And I know all the words to American Pie.


I can cook, plan, shoot, and generally get people to work together.


I can make my own beer and wine haha


My Orienteering skills of course.

But I am a general survivalist. My knowledge isn't out of fear of the end of the world but instead out of fun and enjoyment :-) I have spent many a night alone in the woods (usually somewhere along the AT) gradually taking less and less with me. I'm now able to take only what fits inside my water bottle.

I am also very comfortable with guns and enjoy hunting as well.


I'm 20 lbs overweight and out of shape, my role in this future society will be to feed the first wave of zombies when all of you out run me.

Now if I pass a guy on a hoverround, I'm commandeering that MF'er.

Avenge me!


Sorry, guys, but I think nmchapma gets the seat on my lifeboat. :)

My best friend (the former Marine) and I talk about this occasionally, since we watch all those end-of-the-world films. His survival training and my tactical analysis skills would help us to get into a good position. I have the problem solving skills, and he has the do-it-yourself skills, between us we can design and build most things we might need with minimal resources. I'm an aggressive, get-her-done type and he's a laid back, keep-calm-and-carry-on type, so we complement one another very well. He's also a big guy, strong like ox. I'm not strong like ox, but I am good with ox (and horse, cow, dog, and any other type of animal we might need). We figure we'd make a pretty good survival team.


Government/Lobbyist - I could help negotiate acceptable terms between the Undead and dead societies. You know, find out why the dead or so unhappy and hungry for brians. See if we can get to the root of their anger - did dad not buy the little zombie an pony or did some guy find cat poop in his slippers making him so mad he became a zombie?

See if we can find a acceptable subsitiute for brains like cauliflower, provide them some clean clothes and tell them they can keep Canada - I hear the weather is great (world war Z page 121).

Zombie's aren't too smart, ya know?

Oh and I've minimalist camped/hiked for over 50 miles.


I plan on joining @ryanwb in the first wave while there are plenty of brains to go around. If we can save a few we'll create a whole brain black market so when we finally catch up to you survival types and you're jonesing for some grey matter you'll have to come to us.


@samstag: Free enterprise! I for one welcome our new slowly walking overlords!


My skill is the ability to be alone in a place for an extended period. Once I find a nice secluded area away from the the living and the dead I can hang out there indefinitely. So many survivors get themselves into trouble by venturing out trying to find other groups of survivors. Or they get stir crazy and start acting irrationally.


Knowing that zombies are make-believe.


@stormshadow999: So, we found the group's "Debbie Downer"


@ryanwb: I was thinking something along those lines myself. I thought about posting, "Neither are you, but we don't hold it against you." But I was worried they might take it as a slam rather than an existential joke about imaginary friends on the internet so I didn't. Oops. I did.


@scmtim: I'm with you. I can do that; I don't really like people, and I can sit in the same spot for hours without feeling the need to move. Kinda like today in front of my computer screen. But seriously, when the spit hits the fan, this is a valuable skill.

@samstag and @ryanwb: I'm with y'all too. I don't run fast, but I hide really well!


I'd like to think that I have a high dexterity. I rolled for DEX 19 (+4 Rogue +1).

I think I like my odds.


As McCoy once said ( Star Trek IV ) , " The Bureaucratic Mentality is the only constant in the universe."
That has to cover zombies too. Need help w/ the Red Tape? All aspects : paperwork, circumventing, wading through negotiating, advocating, the small print, etc... I'm good at that. Plus, it's always about who you know. Glad I know you guys !