questionsfeature request: an "i bought this" button


I like your feature request.

As to the deal deletion: When you posted it, did you strip down bare-azz nekkid and walk backwards around your house 3 times while chanting to and praising the WootGods, promising to send them all your worldly belongings and first-born child if they'd allow it to remain? If not, that's probably why. ;-)


@reginafilangee: Oops, I only walked around the house twice, I guess thats why it was deleted :)


I've often wondered the same thing. Did someone buy it, or vote because it seemed like a good/bad deal? I can see the benefits of your feature request, but I can also see it probably not happening because of the vendors not being willing/able to release those stats.


@jsimsace: I was thinking of just a button on the deals.woot page for the deal that a member of deals.woot would click if they bought it, the seller wouldn't be involved with it.


@danpalm: I understand now. Of course, group participation would be hit/miss like always. A good idea anyway.


I am not sure why your deal was deleted since the link goes to my deal.....I am fairly sure mine was the only one when I placed it. Heck it was only a minute after midnight when I posted it. I also never received the email that you commented that it was a duplicate (I always receive emails when someone comments on one of my deals) any chance did you accidentally comment and tattle on your own?

I bequeath all upvotes to you....


@morriea: I'm pretty sure I didn't, but when there are things from 1saleaday that are actually good, they are usually posted and duplicated well before 12:01
I don't really care who posted the deal, I just hope that people end up voting for it, a $25 touchscreen ereader with wifi is an amazing deal


@danpalm: Human error on the deal deletion, I'm sure. I looked at the tattle and it's possible whoever deleted it thought the one in your comments was the dupe. Easy mistake. Please accept our apologies.


@danpalm: I should have been more specific....sorry. 12:01 Eastern..... it is hard for a deal to be up and duplicated "well" before then.... the deal starts at midnight.

I agree that it does not matter much. The good news for you you is now I have to expire

I also think think the "I bought this" button would be nice. Especially if added to the leader board....some people would buy stuff just to move up.


@thunderthighs: I think he should only accept your apology if you strip down bare-azz nekkid and walk backwards around your house 3 times (I forgot to mention the full moonlight part before), while chanting for his forgiveness.

YouTube video should suffice. =p