questionswhat did you think of the tarantino movie "django…


I personally loved it! It was historically accurate although hard to watch some of the behaviors but the truth can be hard to watch. the acting was stellar, the music was great, Jamie Foxx was inspiring, the sets were historically correct, plenty of action, and even a hint of comedy.
On an adult note...couldve used more sex... :) let me know what you think


I loved it!!
It was violent and offensive in parts, challenged my memory of history and left me thinking long after.
Saw it with friends, and we all liked it.


No more offensive than Schindler's list. A disturbing topic for some, simple historical facts for others. All-in-all a typical Tarantino movie in my opinion. I liked some of it, thought some of it was overboard, but overall I liked the movie.

I was more disturbed by the mass media's (and hollywood's) glee at "killing lots of white people". Seems that's the only group these days which isn't off-limits for attack.


It's the only Tarantino movie I have actually liked. It's the only one that has seemed to have any real heart to me. We saw it twice in the theater and I'll buy the DVD when it comes out. I am so glad that Christoph Waltz got the Best Supporting Actor award, his character was so memorable. The secondary roles are so often the richest. The lead character is engaged in driving the plot while the secondary character is free to entertain the audience. I could live without the Tarantino-style bloodbaths, he seems to take a Joker-esque glee in that sort of mayhem. But the storytelling and acting were first rate.


It wasn't hard to watch at all - it was very entertaining. And left me thinking about it afterwards. I thought the acting and the music choices were superb. There were a handful of scenes that were played at least partially for laughs, or as a tip of a cap to movie cliches. (At one point - and one point only - Django has a magic revolver that fires 8 or 9 rounds without reloading, for example. Or Tarantino's obligatory cameo in his own movie.)

Thumbs way up.


@djp519: If you like Django Unchained's magic revolver, you should see the original Django. His gatlin gun never runs out of bullets, but there are several that stick out of both sides - but when it shoots the bullets don't even move.


I felt like the "omg white people die" thing was just weird. If Bruce Willis had been the hero who was rescued from a unjust chain gang, beaten up, tortured, and then forced to watch his only friend die, people would have basically DEMANDED the movie end in a bloodbath. It's weird to me that, for some people, bad guys that reprehensible would still be seen as white before they would be seen as just plain bad guys. But I guess the media's got to have something inane to focus on to make it look like they're busy.


I thought it was awesome, a typical Tarantino flick. I mean yeah it may have been pushing the racist envelope a bit, but but that's kind of what he does. It still has a good story line.


@SKippyKJ and I saw it and we were pretty much high fiving each other throughout the entire movie. Best movie i've seen in a long while. Really enjoyed Tarantino's work in the past and this movie didn't disappoint.

The hardest part to watch was the most 'realeast' part. The scene with the slaves and the dogs. I really appreciated that they didn't make it any gorier and bloodier than it had to be, because I feel that whole moment would have lost it's seriousness. As for people turning into pink mist and blood shooting out 50 ft away, isn't that why you go to a Tarantino movie? :P


If you like Tarantino flicks then you will be jumping up and down over this movie. I thought it was excellent! Right up there with Kill Bill and Uma.


I wouldn't watch anything that freaky looking creep made