questionsdo you wear a fragrance every day?


I've tried aftershave and cologne, but ultimately decided I don't need them.
My hair is really thick, and I generally keep it at a moderate to medium length (I prefer to say "cavalier" rather than "shaggy" ;) ). Since I shower twice, daily, and use generally, more expensive shampoos and conditioners, I can guarantee that real subtle, but wonderful scent, that will make people have to lean in to make sure I'm the one that smells so good :3
As for brands: I'm probably the only guy you'll find scouring the new line of Paul Mitchell or Tigi products.


Usually it is just deodorant. But sometimes if I am feeling a little crazy I will spray on some cologne. Currently using Nautica.


Always. Currently a pure-vanilla scent from Key West Aloe or one or two others my spouse buys for me. For years my one-and-only was Aliage by Estee Lauder, but my spouse's nose is super-sensitive and he doesn't like it.


Definitely not.

So many things are already scented, why add to the list of competing smells? Soap is scented, and deodorant and laundry detergent(although I use unscented), etc etc. Don't forget, clean skin is a nice smell all on its own.


I use unscented deodorant and lightly scented bodywash. I've been wearing Emporio Armani forever.

Just a spritz on the wrist and dab on the pulse points. No one likes to smell someone BEFORE they enter the room.


Wish I could, and used to. So many people are allergic/sensitive to everything on the planet these days it just becomes too much of a topic, so when I go to the office I just skip it.

Sadly, if perfume is even mentioned in passing in a public place there is a guarantee someone will go off on a tirade about it.

It's a bit of a downer and I've culled a lot of scents I used to enjoy because of it. It's not that I want to hate on people's allergies. I'm sorry they're allergic. I just like smelling pretty things. (There's no point of having much of what I cannot enjoy, however.)

Other people are why we can't have nice things. ;)


Yes, I actually own multiple colognes and I try to swtich it up on the regular. Since i was young, my mom gave me a complex about smells (also a fresh breath nut).

I don't use a lot: spray, delay, then walk away.