questionswhy do i now have to log into woot using a…


I absolutely HATE Captcha! All I will have to do is see it here ONCE and I'm gone. Even security questions are better than Captcha! I usually have to through about 10-12 of the silly things before I get one I can actually read. Not worth the effort, for sure, on a site I'm rather unhappy with already of late.


@jthebird1977: Trust me, sadness about this has its own little home over on Wooterville, too.

Man, I hate them. I really REALLY do. They're security theater, and nothing more. I could write about six paragraphs on why, but it's not like it'll make any difference. I've just found other entertainment than Woot and Deals, of late.

So it goes.


I log in with my Amazon ID and get it without Captcha. I'm glad too, because those Captcha phrases, written or spoken, are hard to decipher sometimes.


My eyesight is not great, and I usually go through 6-8 visual Captcha codes before I give up and try the audio ones. I've almost reached the point of refusing any site that uses Captcha.

OTOH, many or most of the bloggers I follow use Feedburner for validation; it's short, simple, and generally very clear to read.

It's the issue of theater, rather like the unloaded rifles carried by members of the national guard "protecting" my local airport after 9/11 and just about as effective.


Update: Captcha is gone from my login now. I don't know how or why, but i am glad it is gone!!!


@jthebird1977: I just tried logging as an experiment and didn't see anything unusual. Yay!


@pooflady: Back atcha. New-fangled security system [grin].