questionshow come there is a woot-off on wine.woot but not…


Hopefully, tehre will be a woot-off tonight. I could use some more monkeys.


Won't happen, I'm not away on business.


@durkzilla: :) for your comment. :( because no monkeys


It looks like it's all the same type of wine (Tempranillo). After the first three or four entries, I lost interest. I'm sure that it's fine, I just don't need any right now, and it's not something I'm interested in.

I would say that it's unlikely that there will be a woot off. Of course, I've been wrong before. Often.


@durkzilla: Yeah, about that, we're going to need an updated travel schedule for the next few months...


someone's been consuming the product hiccup woot!


@inkycatz: I'm not falling for that one again.


Because Woot owns Woot and they do what they want.


@promyst: actually Amazon owns Woot but Woot still does what it wants.


I was checking it out over on the wine side. A question came to mind.

Anyone else notice how much nicer/professional the comments are compared to a regular Woot off?
No pictures of a scared cat with WTF.
I miss woot off comments. :( and monkeys :' (


@caffeine_dude: Also the type on the "I Want One" button is even classier :)!


@caffeine_dude: they even pass around cheese and crackers while waiting for the next item. very posh


September 1st is Tempranillo day, so for us wineaux to get our wine in time for it, they (Wine.Woot staff) decided to do a special Wine Woot-Off with only Tempranillo (wine varietal originally from Spain).

However, given that I'm on vacation next week at the beach, I fully expect a 3 day Woot-Off then. :wink: