questionswhy were my tags changed repeatedly and deal…


I reposted it (while fuming and biting my tongue), this time putting why "home" is valid in the actual body of the deal. Seconds later, the tags were changed to super obtuse ones-- all of my tags removed, and changed to "coupon-code coupon scent".

Really? Scent? Not even "Fragrance"? Scent? Do people actually search thinking "I need to buy a scent. I wonder if there are any good coupon-codes on scent today."? Come on. So I posted a comment about that. Deleted again within seconds.

I get that "silly" tags have to be changed. Fine. But deleting my deal was unnessessary, and removing home when I stated why it belonged was not a 'mistake'-- it happened several times in a row.


I'm of a mind, usually, to just post funny tags. Because I know that whatever I pick (if I'm being serious) will most likely end up changed either way. I wouldn't fall in love with tags because they're likely to change. I've had some changed to be completely ridiculous things but I thought it was funny because I wasn't married to the tags and don't take them seriously anyway.


do people use tags? Is that the only thing search hits against?

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even i am a victim of the tag ninja. it is a fickle juggernaut.


Not really a fan of how the tag changes were handled by this mysterious tag ninja. Would've been reasonable if the mod just said why they changed it rather than deleting your deal.

On another note! Demeter Fragrances are awesome.


Sorry, I have no answer for you, but wish you the best of luck in getting an answer from staff. Had a similar problem. It had nothing to do w/tags; was about 2 deleted book deals & the 1st deleted question about the deals. No official response on the 2nd question posted 5 days ago.


Probably because they get you confused with @jezebelseventy, who they can't stand. Just a guess there, because only the badges know what goes on behind the curtain, and some of this knowledge is restricted.