questionscan anyone recommend a waterproof mp3 player?


@metaphore: Look at the sponsored deals for today. There is one for a waterproof case for iPhone4 /4S or iPod.


I got mine from ebay but the seller stop selling them cause people weren't using them right and would demand a refund. It got to a point where he had to make a step by step guide on what to do and not to do. lol mine still works even thou its been 2 years now. I have one of those round tubed ones that you just plug up to ur computer and move songs onto it. Also has a fm radio and comes with stero and waterproof earplugs. Not bad for 40 bucks.


@tbgolladay: The sponsored deal has some good timing, but I don't have any iPoducts and don't think I would trust it with anything other than what it is made to protect.

@amoraluv: Do you have a name on yours so that I could find one like it?


So I have waterproof scrunches and I take those orange bands on the player and lace my scrunchy through them and then just tie my hair with the scrunchy that way I can keep the ear bud's wire behind my ears and head and out of the way.


Don't the earbuds have to be waterproof also?

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DH just bought the Waterfi iPod with waterproof earbuds. He LOVES it. The musical quality in the earbuds isn't his favorite but he is a snob about that stuff and is fine to keep using them. I highly recommend. They take a real iPod and waterproof it, works great for him. Comes with instructions for wrapping it all up around your goggles along with velcro to help you do it. He says he can swim much longer without tiring of it because he has something to take his mind off of the back and forth of it all.


Thanks for the input from everyone. I decided to gamble with one of the cheapo tube looking ones.
If I'm lucky(or maybe just careful, the failures could be do to user error) I can get by with a cheap one. If not at least I'm not out that much and then can invest in a much better one at that point.