questionswhich company has the most condescending service?


AT&T for me. I recently switched from Time Warner Cable to AT&T U-verse for TV and internet. They offer way more for less. The compromise is their customer service is garbage. Complete and utter garbage. I had U-verse installed in August and there is a coax cable still running across my backyard that needs to be buried. On my twice weekly call to complain they either tell me A) We can't help you, you already have an appointment or B) Sorry that we missed the appointment, lets schedule something for next week.

Sure TWC is a little more expensive, but at least they have customer service. I'm switching back once my contract is up.


@eraten: I agree with your AT&T vote. I'm disappointed because I'm an AT&T management retiree and I hate to see how they treat their customers now. When I worked for them, some of the things they do would be a firing offense.

I'd like to vote LA Fitness as being horrible.

LA Fitness was charging me $32.49 per month which I find reasonable. So now they have reduce their price to $29.99 for new customers. Think they would adjust my price by $2.50 easily? Nope. There are three managers and none of them would help me. One offered me a box of tissues and started telling me how LA Fitness isn't going to compensate him for the 30,000 salary he is losing somehow.

The best they could do is cancel my membership and then I can sign back up. So I said, deal. Cancel my membership and sign me back up. They cannot cancel my membership until a specific person shows up. So then he shows up and they cannot sign me back up until 30 days go by. So I just canceled and will go elsewhere.


I also forgot to mention my old Cable company, Sevice Electric based out of Allentown, PA.
Biggest A-Holes on the planet, why, because they knew they had you. We showed them, 18 months ago we got Dish Network and have never been happier.


Try getting satisfaction from Whirlpool. We bought $6,000 dollars worth of appliances from them for our new home, but they all have a 1-year warranty. Our microwave/rangehood stopped microwaving after 21 months. My dealer gave me a number that I could call for customer service, and their response was "We're bound to our warranty.". I then asked the rep if he could suggest some other brand to replace it with, and he replied "I would pick something that matched my other appliances.".


Copy/paste from what I wrote back in September:

I purchased a high-end Frigidaire microwave last December, PLUS a premium 3 year extended warranty. Two months after purchase, the glass turntable shattered.

Frigidaire refused to replace both the turntable or the microwave. The premium extended warranty doesn't come into effect until AFTER the manufacturer warranty expires (1 year).

In fact, the store manager found out that Frigidaire doesn't even manufacture turntable replacements, and could not find an aftermarket replacement.

Note: Turntable broke while nuking a frozen dinner. I didn't drop it or anything.


Verizon and Comcast are in a dead heat for 1st. In all out evilness I have to give it to Verizon, simply because they don't care what happens to your account as they have a million more people handing them money hand over fist. When it comes to condescendingness Comcast takes the cake, every time we have an outage and I call to find out what happened I get the most unfriendly worthless customer service rep ever; Seriously I call, I am almost always super polite, just want to know when its gonna work again, and i always get the angry rude black lady that doesn't know what shes talking about.


My current customer service miff is with Best Buy's Geek Squad. I bought a Macbook. The thing has been riddled with problems that my more tech savvy friends have told me an Apple product should not have. (One was puzzled over how I could be having kernel panics left and right. Another said that she'd seen it happen, but only on extremely rare occasions.)

During my latest attempt to bring it in for a repair covered under warranty, I asked for them to just replace it. I was told no, they had to ship it off and let the repair center make the call. So of course my computer is back now and they only made the most trivial of repairs (replaced the trackpad). Literally nothing was done to address the overheating issues, kernel panics, or slow performance.

I asked my friend who works for Apple what I should do, she suggested buying a strong magnet and running it across the back to take out the hard drive so that they have no choice but do a full replacement. Sounds like a plan.


@jsimsace: I'm curious, exactly what did you expect them to do? It wasn't JUST out of warranty, it was WAY out of warranty. That's when you call a service company.
A little surprised that, spending a chunk of cash, you opted not to invest in an extended warranty.


@jsimsace: I had the same experience with them


@purplefeather: Find any retiree who used to do TV repair and ask to use their degausser. More powerful than just a magnet and LOADS cooler to watch.
But, yeah, avoid the Squad like the plague. They've built themselves a bad reputation, not from being incompetent but from the corporate side that specifies all the things they can't help you with due to liability issues(or so they believe).


BestBuy has been on my list for years. I only use the private auction site and cowboom. Will never step foot in a b&m Best buy store again.

Barnes and Noble made the list last year after taking and extra $125 out of my bank account. The coupon code worked at checkout, then they sent the extra charge through paypal without any notification to me that the code was not good for that item and they were charging me regular price. They refused to refund my money, as they planned to ship it out the next business day (3 days away). I just called Paypal. They put a stop payment on the invoice.

FEDEX. My business addressdoes not exist despite the fact that they deliver an overnight every Thursday. This has been an issue for the past 3 months, and I have stopped purchasing from companies that use FEDEX and will not ship any other way.


Verizon, followed by Time Warner.