questionshas anyone ever purchased from ali-express?


i purchase from their a few times. mostly soccer jerseys. the china air mail takes about a month to get to USA (sometimes less) but its nice quality and sellers will work with you on price especially if you are buying multiple items. they dont get paid until the items tracking says its delivered and you "confirm" you received your goods


@drsilentg: Payment closing after receipt is one big difference from EBay. Although I have had hundreds of transactions on EBay and only two problems. Most of what I buy is from Chinese vendors and I've had no problem with them, it's just that I need this item sooner than I can count on for international shipping. Thanks for the feedback.


@moondrake: yup. you get charged the item's price when you buy, but aliexpress "holds" the money until you confirm. good luck


If buying clothing, keep in mind it is generally listed in asian sizes, about two sizes smaller than fat american sizes. I've purchased quality children's outerwear from several aliexpress vendors. No complaints.


@skorny: I was shopping in the tourist shops at the entrance for the Great Wall of China and a typically petite Chinese lady was saying, "Come see my t-shirts". I asked her, "Do you have size large?" She said, "Of course, of course." I said, "Size large American?" with a smile and she laughed and said "Of course, of course." I so bought an "I climbed the Great Wall" t-shirt from her.


I bought an MP3 recorder/player from them, and the item that arrived had entirely different specs from the ad (although it looked identical). Specifically, it did not record all the file formats and bitrates that they advertised. More importantly, it claimed to record in stereo, but it had only ONE microphone inside, so of course it could record only mono.

I filed a dispute, claiming false advertising. The vendor filed a counter-claim. Ali Express offered to return only HALF of my purchase price, although the device was absolutely useless to me.

They are a ripoff, and I will certainly never buy anything else from them again.