questionsanyone have some advice on universal remotes?


I don't have any experience with that model but I have a couple of Harmony 550s that I love. I have a pretty complex home theater setup and after the initial setup a Harmony makes everything work so well together.

Edit: Forgot to mention that my remotes work with roku players.


Speaking from experience, make sure the remote you get can do two things at once, without having to hit the device button every time. Example: you're watching a DVD and want to quickly turn down the volume on the home theater because the F/X are suddenly much louder than the dialogue and your kids are sleeping. A GOOD universal remote will know that the play/pause/FF/RWD buttons are tied to the DVD, and the volume buttons are tied to the stereo, so you don't have to hit [STEREO] before hitting the volume.

(Hope that makes some kind of sense. I'm sleepy, but I had to post because my universal remote doesn't do this, and it drives me nucking futs.