questionswhat is the best large-size k-cup coffee maker?


I have a B70... the only help I've got is that since I use a Brita filter for all my drinking water and fill my Keurig with water from it, a filter built into the Keurig would be useless for me and an additional expense too.

It feels to me like the companies that offer K Cups are merging and the selection is shrinking (I think most of those brands are owned by Green Mountain at this point).


2 major patents for Green Mountain concerning the K-cups are expiring later this year. I would imagine we will see K-cups for 25 cents or less everywhere at the end of the year.

Oh, I have the B60. Get the B40, B60, or B70. Slight differences in functions and internal components, but mostly the same. They all make the same coffee, with a few minor differences in size. B40 is the best price-performance of the 3 IMHO. If you can find a deal, it's worth it. Try BBB and their 20% off coupon. BBB will ALWAYS take something back, even outside of 1 year. Great company. If you have a Kohl's card, stack it with Kohl's Cash.


My Cuisinart has been broken more than it has worked. I would advise going with a Kuerig branded appliance.